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VictoriaHearts Review: A Medium For Tracing Your Better Half


Sadly, Victoria Hearts can’t now be called a top dating venue. Our dating experts have lately been putting this website to the test, and they found out the results to be not as satisfying as they were before. Please feel free to choose an alternative website to search for your future wife. We provide the list here on!

VictoriaHearts Review: A Medium For Tracing Your Better Half

So you want to wake up in the morning next to a special someone? Probably have breakfast in bed and have one more shot of “Tequila” before you get ready for work? Mmh! Talk of a good life. Unfortunately, the fact that you are reading this means this fantastic dream can only be postponed until you have met your better half.

VictoriaHearts site

Let’s assume by now you’ve already combed the internet inside out trying to single out the best dating site. Amongst your options lies Victoriahearts. And maybe you are wondering: is this site legit or a scam? Do they offer reliable services or I’ll end up wasting my money?

Here is the good news you’ve been waiting for the whole day: in this Victoria Hearts review, we are going to curve this site inside out and lay everything on the table so you can decide whether to give it a shot or not. Ready to roll? Then tighten your seatbelt.

Brief Intro of Victoria Hearts website

Victoria Hearts is an online dating platform that links men and women from all corners of the world. Although their filters indicate that they list girls from all over the globe, most of the profiles are from Eastern Europe — namely Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. So if you consider Slavic beauty to be legendary, you better head there ASAP.

The company has been in service for over a decade, and it’s still going strong. If it were a fake, it wouldn’t be around for this long, don’t you think? Keep reading to uncover more.

Web Design

One of the easiest ways to tell if a website is legit or not is through their website design. Folks who are out for quick bucks don’t have the time to cook up something good. They throw everything around randomly making the site extremely hard to use. Some blatant copy-paste a genuine site’s design hoping to confuse a few unsuspecting individuals.

VictoriaHearts catalogue

Victoria Hearts dating site has a nifty design with all the tabs well-spaced apart. This makes it super easy to trace what you are looking for. Both the desktop and mobile versions load pretty fast, and they give you a glimpse of what is waiting for you when you sign up. On the flip side, they don’t have a mobile app yet. So you better carry your laptop along in case you might want to log in later on.

Important moments of using VictoriaHearts

Registration Process

Remember what we said about scam dealers? They have no time to be thorough. Well, you gotta like how thorough and detailed Victoria Hearts are. The process is simple and begins with your first name, email, password, and date of birth.

Once in, you will be prompted to provide further info about yourself. Some of those questions aim at establishing your character so try to be genuine (on second thought, just be sincere, don’t try). The more accurate the info is, the more successful your date will be. Otherwise, if you lied big time and the girl finds out later during your physical meeting, she will bail. Victoria hearts reviews from users show that it is not only exciting but also safe

It could take less than a minute to run through all the questions. We also love the fact that you can skip through to the end and go straight to profile checking. This is a useful feature because not everyone wishes to leave all their info on a site when all they were doing is having a bird’s eye view. With some services, you must complete your profile before doing anything.

VictoriaHearts online dating

As a caveat, never engage in conversations without filling out all the blanks in your profile. Incomplete bios don’t get so much engagement, and at times the ladies will mark you out as a joker or scam.

Number of Females on the Platform

We know this one of the things you want to confirm so here is the answer: Victoriahearts boards thousands of women mostly from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. These ladies are of diverse features and backgrounds. While a majority of them are singles between 19 and 40, you can still bump into those over 40.

You can get any woman you wish for — a temporary partner, a wife material, a single mother, someone who drinks partially or not at all, a college graduate: you name it. It’s also refreshing how the girls on this site are not desperate. Even if they pop in your inbox, they mostly describe themselves and ask to know you.

VictoriaHearts girls profiles

With some sites, your inbox gets filled pronto with desperate girls all marveling at how sexy you are yet you haven’t even uploaded your pic (LOL). While it’s natural for ladies to initiate a conversation, we both know someone who (is or) looks desperate might not be the best match for anyone.

So be ready for a smooth ride on Victoria's Hearts without too much weird crap being thrown at you. There will be so many ladies at your disposal. We suggest you engage only a few to avoid straining both your attention and resources.


So how deep is your pocket? First, let’s point out that Victoria Hearts is not free and that’s for a good reason. You see, the problem with free things is that no one takes them seriously. If this weren’t true then you probably would have succeeded dating on Facebook, Twitter (do people even date over there?) and Instagram.

So the small fee attached to their service is mostly to fend off jokers and scammers. As of this writing, you will spend roughly $10 for 40 credits. They may seem like too much until you meet others that charge $1/per credit.

Here’s a breakdown of how the credits get used up during a chat:

  • 2 credits per minute during a live chat with one person
  • 5 credits to send a sticker in live chat
  • 10 credits to send a photo (with two more if you attach a comment below it)
  • 50 credits for sending or opening a video link
  • 10 credits to send the first letter and 30 for the next. It will cost you nothing to read the first letter from a girl, but the next ones will be billed at 10 credit for each
  • Opening a photo in letters costs 10 credits
  • 25 credits for checking out a video on a lady’s profile
  • 100 credits for uploading a video to your profile. The video should not exceed 100MB
  • 100 credits to deliver a real gift
  • 625 credits to request a physical meeting with a girl
  • And 3k credits to get a member’s contact

So there is nothing for free? There are a few freebies. For instance, you don’t get charged to view member profiles. Other offers exist when you purchase bigger packages.

Payment Options

Victoria Hearts accepts payments through

  • PayPal
  • credit card
  • CCBill

Be sure to comb through their refund policies to know the circumstances that qualify for a reimbursement. Worth mentioning, they have an automatic charging process that refills your credits once they reach a certain low level. You can disable this in your profile settings.

Features and Services

As you have already seen in this Victoriahearts review, the service has almost everything in place to ensure a smooth ride for its members. For instance, the search bar gives you a chance to narrow down member profiles so you can talk to those who interest you.

It’s also outstanding how they are able to collect useful statistics like who viewed your profile, who “favorited” you, and who liked you. Even though this information is charged, it can help you cut through the noise and focus on the few individuals who like you. Such data will help you find your partner and leave the site a bit early.

VictoriaHearts girl

Protection and Safety

Victoria Hearts understand that money is hard to come by, and that is why they have tough anti-scam policies. According to the rules, the website’s team is dealing with people with a genuine intention of falling in love. No female candidate ever gets their profiles published before thorough scrutiny.

This means you will be talking to ladies who are sincerely looking for love. Nevertheless, this is not to say you won’t bump into gold-diggers. No matter how thorough a platform can be, some bad apples always cross through — so stay vigilant too.

Besides reliable anti-scam policies, the site employs 128bit SSL encryption that keeps personal information under wraps from known and unknown threats. The service is also heavily certified by known bodies such as

  • McAfee Secure
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Norton Security
  • PCI

Customer Service

This service responds to tickets promptly. However, given the nature of the transactions that happen on dating platforms, you may not have many issues to report. But when you do, then they can be reached through email and website messaging system.


Highly secure with robust anti-scam policies

Easy to use

Detailed services so you can accomplish a lot

User metrics to help you advance

Responsive and timely on matters that demand attention


Not obsessed with professional photos

Positive and friendly


They don’t show the exact number of ladies available online

You don’t get a few free minutes to chat with a few members

Final Words

There are so many dating websites out there. However, a good number of them are either scams, expensive or both. Victoria Hearts gives you a better and simpler way to meet the girl of your dreams. Their tools are extensive, and the website makes it possible for you to have a good time along the way.

In case things don’t go your way or you get scammed, they are always ready to reimburse every penny lost. We hope your doubts about this site have been put to rest. Happy hunting!