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About us

Who we are is a platform that analyzes the most prominent and effective online dating websites and helps these platforms to increase popularity and brand recognition. The goal of is to show people who are interested in online dating how many opportunities they have. It is our purpose to analyze information about the best places for online communication and write reviews based on real and up-to-date facts. Our team consists of highly experienced professionals who know how to produce truthful and informative reviews on online dating platforms.

Our benefits

Please, take a look at a list of advantages that you can enjoy while using!

  • We know what people who seek online dating services want and expect from a dating site
  • Our team of experts analyzes dating platforms professionally and honestly.
  • We work closely with the worldโ€™s most notable online dating websites.
  • We implement our experience and knowledge to offer users real and detailed information about online dating services.
  • We improve and keep our reviews up-to-date, analyzing changes in online dating trends.

Our business

  1. We cooperate with brands that we review.
  2. The main source of our profits is in cooperation with online dating sites.
  3. We do not have premium accounts.
  4. You do not need to sign up to use our services.
  5. We impartially analyze dating sites despite being paid for the reviews.

Our goal is to provide users with highly informative and detailed reviews on online dating platforms. Numerous sites that offer dating services come to us and ask to write reviews, which is why the main source of our profits is such cooperation. To read these reviews, you do not need to create an account, pay for anything, or do something to access the information. Everything is free of charge and accessible for everyone.

Since we work closely with many dating sites, the selection and order of reviews that appear on our platform may be prioritized differently. We receive monetary compensation for our work, which is why it is in our interest to review some platforms favorably. Still, it should be noted that we value honesty and make sure that every single review is real, factual, and honest. Several writers who seek information independently, write reviews, and later, editors check and edit them.

Our process of making reviews

We devote the entirety of our attention to producing high-quality, detailed, and informative reviews of online dating websites. If you want to learn the process of making reviews, here, you can find out everything you may need!

  • First, our writers spend a few days using the website. They collect information, note the advantages and disadvantages of websites, and make the first impression.
  • Then, they find information on the major elements of a dating site: average cost, design, how user-friendly the site is, the efficiency and diversity of communication options, and quality and quantity of dates.
  • After that, the review is written as quickly as possible to produce an up-to-date guide that corresponds to all features of the website.
  • Lastly, the article is handed over to the team of editors who review the guide and make sure that it is free of errors and incorrect information

It is important to understand that our team of writers and editors are people who may miss some errors and mistakes in reviews. Sometimes, dating sites can develop and introduce new features or tools that were not included in reviews. Even though we make everything possible to update our guides, sometimes we may not handle everything in time. If you notice that some information is not correct or outdated, you can contact us and help us improve the quality of our reviews.

How we rate dating sites

In order to rate a dating site, our team breaks a platform into several categories. It helps users understand the benefits and implications of a dating platform quickly and easily.

  • Ease of use. This category allows one to understand how user-friendly the site is, whether it is suitable for new members, and the general simplicity of the site. We cooperate with other resources that specialize in customer reviews such as Trustpilot or Sitejabber.
  • Quality of profiles. Our writers check out profiles of individuals who use dating sites to make an impression of the quality of profiles. Usually, adequate dating platforms need to have detailed and informative profiles with high-quality images and videos.
  • Number of members. The quantity of active users is an essential criterion, and both the overall number of people who use the site as well as the number of users who are currently online can help us tell you more about a particular dating site. Similarweb is a perfect analytical platform that can provide useful information about the active base of users on a dating platform.
  • Customer service. Communication between a dating site and its users is crucial. Our writers try to interact with customer service as often as possible to figure out the responsiveness and effectiveness of the support department.

So, you may see that there are many factors that we consider while rating dating platforms. There are other things considered while analyzing a dating site.

Our team

Our platform has a team of professional experts who know how to review online dating websites. Our analyst department will help a dating brand gain essential recognition, while our marketing team will make sure that the whole world knows about the services of a particular dating site. We make sure that every single employee improves their expertise in the world of online dating to offer the best experience.