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Romanian Brides

Romania Is Blessed With An Abundance Of Rare Beauty

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Romanian Mail Order Brides: Where to Find and How Much Does It Cost to Get a Romanian Wife?

Dating hot Eastern European women has always been popular. But when Western guys are thinking about getting a bride from the Slavic region, they are mostly thinking about Russian and Ukrainian ladies and not Romanian brides—and missing out a lot. On the bright side, you'll have less competition if you choose to go for Romanian mail order brides online.

Best Dating Sites

Where to find Romanian girls for marriage?

Traveling to Romania is the most obvious way to meet gorgeous Romanian women. Visiting this country in Eastern Europe can be a great vacation but also a mission to find a real Romanian wife. Many guys prefer to be more traditional and approach ladies in real life more than dating online. But if you are open to using an online Romanian wife finder, you generally have 2 options:

  1. International dating site
  2. Mononational sites

There are best dating sites in both categories, but don't confuse them with matrimonial services. Just visit a site that you like and start dating. But let's explore the process in greater detail!


How to find Romanian brides online?

Many consider that you can just visit site with the best mail order brides and start a serious relationship right away. But actually, the process is a bit more complicated. Here is your step-by-step guide:

  • Decide if you want to choose locally or across Eastern Europe
  • Pick a dating site you like
  • Check if it's legit
  • Read professional reviews and explore price ranges
  • Join a trustworthy dating site and create a profile
  • Enjoy your love search

So, if you were wondering how to get a mail order wife from this country, your choice of a dating site is an important part of your dating success with a beautiful Romanian woman. If you want to get a positive experience in this, don't skip the important steps of checking beforehead. And also, explore Romanian culture in general and Romanian wedding customs in particular—that might come in hand later.

Romanian mail order bride cost

We don't want to upset you, but there is no catalog where you can pick a hot Romanian bride for an exact price—that's not how it works. Expenses on dating vary depending on what site you'll use, how you are planning to travel to Romania, and even if you are planning to have a traditional Romanian wedding or use matrimonial services abroad. Let's see if the average pricing is exactly what you were planning on.

The cost of online dating

Depending on the type of site you choose, you can expect to pay for a monthly subscription or for particular services you use. For mail-order bride sites, the second system is the most common, which is why let's explore how much you need to date on them. Usually, you are required to buy some sort of virtual currency, like credits.

The average credit price on Romanian bride dating sites is:

  • 20 credits—$9.99
  • 50 credits—$19.99
  • 125 credits—$44.99
  • 250 credits—$69.99
  • 750 credits—$149.99

You can use live chat for 2 credits per minute and write a letter for 10 credits for the first letter and 30 credits for the next ones. Watching profile videos is usually more expensive and is around 25 credits.


The cost of traveling to Romania

If you are planning to look for Romanian brides IRL, the cost of your trip will depend on what season you are planning to visit your girl. Also, what matters is whether you want to travel to Western Europe, and only then go to Romania, or travel directly to the country itself.

Even if you don't prefer IRL dating and choose to pick a bride online, sooner or later you'll want to visit your woman in her hometown. Or you'll want to meet your bride's parents, and at the same time get to know her cultural background more.

Here are the main expenses that you can expect if you are visiting Romania, per day:

  • Round Trip ticket (Berlin-Bucharest): around $234
  • Accommodation: around $53
  • Food: around $24
  • Transportation: around $18
  • Entertainment: around $8

So, the total of two weeks in the country will cost you around $1,675. But note that it's only average prices and your cost of traveling may depend a lot on the season and your travel preferences. If you want to know your average Romanian mail order wife cost just add online dating expenses to the final sum.

Why Romanian mail-order brides are looking for foreign husbands?

When you look at beautiful Romanian women and see how many of them are looking for foreign men, the question 'why?' starts swirling in your head. It's easy to understand why Western guys want to meet Romanian brides and visit site that offers such services, but why do such hotties use online dating? Let's reveal all the main reasons!

5 reasons why Romanian girls marry Western guys

  1. Most women from Romania online are looking for real love.
  2. They want to have that big Romanian wedding.
  3. Some are disappointed in Romanian men.
  4. Many Romanian beauties believe Western men to be better husbands and fathers.
  5. Some Romanian singles choose to date foreigners as they tend to have more serious intentions.

But the main reason is not just a picture-perfect wedding ceremony but what such a relationship with a man from abroad brings. Usually, it's a better quality of life, more opportunities, and a chance to start a new family with a loving and supportive partner.

And at the same time looking for a foreign husband on a dating platform gives freedom to local women, as they are not bound to their location or even just European countries and can choose globally.

Common myths about Romanian brides

Going to meet Romanian women? Then, you need to be aware of certain hot Romanian women characteristics that make them different from other European brides. They have natural beauty, dark hair, and style—but that’s definitely not all you need to know about them.

Thus, Romanian single women are very feminine and sometimes too emotional—that’s a common character trait for most South Slav girls and you just can’t do anything with it. Another thing you should know about Romanian girls dating is that these women are in general more traditional and care more about family life than girls from the US and other Western countries.

To clearly understand who Romanian women for marriage are, let’s take a look at the most common misconceptions about them:

  • All of the Romanian people are gypsies. Absolutely not! Women from Romania who seek online relationships have little to nothing in common with gypsies.
  • They seek a foreign husband for a Green Card. The main motivation of Romanian girls on an average dating site is to seek love and not an opportunity to live in the United States.
  • Beautiful women from Romania are not educated. The country is one of the leaders in the world in terms of education due to numerous educational reforms. And most of the Romanian brides for marriage, as well as other Slavic brides, are well-educated, and many even have two degrees.

Why should you choose a Romanian woman for marriage?

Romanian girls love to learn about new things, cultures, traditions, etc. They tend to be highly educated as it allows them to be very open-minded about other cultures, traditions, and religions. Romanian brides are also known to be some of the most beautiful women in Europe. Their diet and daily routines allow them to maintain slender figures.

To learn more on why gorgeous Romanian brides are perfect for modern Western men, keep on reading!

They are positive and fun

Romanian mail order brides are incredibly positive, always looking to the good side of life and appreciative of their good fortunes. They are also quite unpredictable and fun, every minute you spend with your Romanian woman will always be filled with joy and fun. There is never a dull moment with them.

Romanian women are big-hearted

In the beginning, Romanian girls for marriage can seem a little intimidating. However, if you are persistent enough, you will soon see that they are actually quite nice and welcoming. Beautiful Romanian brides are very affectionate and cordial.

They are not nasty to people, nor do they look down on other people for sport. They always look to make new acquaintances and form new relationships.

They are very expressive

A woman being mysterious about her motives and actions can be a very sexy thing. This is a skill Romanian girls have perfected and honed into an art over the years. This means you are never bored nor will you ever lose interest in her, as a Romanian girl will always keep you invested.

Like Italian girls for marriage, Romanian women will always have a gist for you, they are not bashful nor cautious about opening their hearts to you nor the aftereffects. This ingredient will ensure that your relationship with her will never get stale. In addition, it is great fun continuously trying to outwit a Romanian mail-order wife.


Romanian ladies know what they want

Stunning Romanian mail-order wives tend to be quite straightforward. They know what they want to have from life and their partner and are not afraid to tell about that. When a Romanian woman likes someone, she won't go and tell right away, but put the best flirtatious self into action.

If you are the one who a Romanian wife falls into, she will show her interest and give a green light for you to go and approach her, start a conversation or ask her out. So, don't miss those flirty hints!

But also, Romanian brides always know what they want even on a bigger scale. Before going into the relationship they strive to be independent, have a decent job, and set big goals. It's hard to find a pretty Romanian wife in her late twenties who has no idea of what she wants to become or without any plans for the future.

They value their independence

Romania mail order brides are proud. Asking for assistance is the last thing they would ever do. If they ever fail at something, which is rare by the way, Romanian brides would just get up and try repeatedly until they succeed just as Greek wives.

This is thanks to their upbringing, partly. Romanian mothers teach their daughters from a young age to be independent. They learn to fend for themselves, which is good news for most men.

Romanian wives will never be fully dependent on their husbands for sustenance. They are fully capable of taking care of themselves and they take great pride in doing just that.

Brides from Romania are hard-working

Romania was formerly a dictatorship in a communist economy, so the local populace understands what it means to be from humble beginnings. Most Romanian brides will work hard for what they want and will not let anything stop them or get in their way.

They guarantee a long-life commitment

Choosing a Romanian woman for marriage is acknowledging that you will be undertaking a lifelong commitment. These women are raised to take their marriage vows very seriously.

We mentioned that many Romanian brides may play coy earlier but they do not play around with matters of the heart and family. They are dependable and will stick by you in good times and in bad times too.

Romanian brides are great in bed

Romanian wives are masters of the bedroom, you can be sure to have a very healthy and interesting sex life. With their tight, lithe, and perfect bodies, so greatly constructed that might compete only with Latina's passion.

Their open-mindedness allows them to experiment and try new things. So you better hope your stamina and appetite can keep up with your Romania wife! But do not worry, she will make sure to take care of your needs in the bedroom.

Out of the language barrier

Communicating with a Romanian girl will not constitute a problem as most of them learn to speak English with an accent that is a cross between French and Russian, very sexy and quite heady. It is intoxicating and beautiful.

Tips on dating Romanian women for marriage

If you want to win the heart of a Romanian lady, these tips will come in handy. Incorporate them into your dating experience to build long-lasting relationships with your sweetheart.

Get ready for your relationship

  • Try to learn her language: yes, she might speak English, but learning her language shows a Romanian bride you are trying to embrace all aspects of her.
  • Learn her culture: as you may have realized by now, Romanian brides value their culture a lot as much as Icelandic women do; learning the ins and outs of her traditions will help you better relate with her, plus you get to score major points with a Romanian girl.
  • Dress fashionably: As most Europeans know, women love to dress to kill, if you want to catch her eye and stand a chance to capture her heart, learn to dress well.

What to do when you are dating a hot Romanian bride?

  • Compliment often. A sincere compliment here and there will attract her to you. After all, what woman does not love a good compliment? Compliment her hair, her clothes, the little extra effort a Romanian bride puts into looking nice for you. But be sure to not overdo it; make your words meaningful.
  • Showcase your creativity. If you meet online on one of the dating sites, you should make every effort to stand out from other men. Make a hook to start your conversation and remain yourself. Ask your partner a lot of questions to make her feel special.
  • Maintain eye contact. Even if you haven’t met in person yet, you’ve probably used a video chat. In different countries traditions vary, but for Romanian women, eye contact really matters. Thus, they ensure your confidence and can look inside your soul.

Insider advice

  • Let Slavic woman know she can rely on you. Always keep your promises and make your Romanian girlfriend feel important. Demonstrate your responsibility for your relationship by making crucial decisions. Besides, Romanian ladies like punctual men, so don’t delay your calls, even if you are dating online.
  • Stop putting too much pressure on her. Let your relationship flow naturally. Even if you are committed, don't even try to start picking matrimonial services. Instead of putting pressure on her, be caring and supportive. It will make your connection even stronger.
  • Follow our tips on building a healthy and happy relationship with a Romanian lady. Use our advice, and who knows, maybe the next article you'll be reading is how to pick the best matrimonial services!


Stunning Romanian brides are one of a kind, and they are a great match to modern Western men. But you can't just visit some site and get a wife. You don't need anyone to express written permission to let you use matrimonial services and get a wife you always dreamt of. Date with Romanian beauties online and in real life, and see for yourself how amazing they are!

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Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team. Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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Dave Miles

Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team. Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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