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Vietnamese Brides

Find your smart, loving, sexy and warm Vietnamese mail-order bride

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Vietnamese Mail Order Brides: Where to Find and How Much Do They Cost?

Vietnam, a socialist republic in the south-east of Asia, shares its borders with Cambodia, China, and Laos. It has a population of about ninety million people and a large percentage of that population is ethnically Vietnamese. While the official language spoken in the country is Vietnamese, you can find a few French speakers in the country too, usually, among the more educated and affluent citizens, English is now being taught at their schools.

The majority of the population claim Buddhism as their religion, which is about eighty-five percent. And because the country has wildly varying altitudes, the weather changes accordingly, however, the country is most desirable to visit usually between December and February.

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Knowing the Women

Vietnamese women make for great mail order brides; however, not a lot of men are aware of the prospect of being able to date and even marry Vietnamese mail order brides, which is sort of sad because Vietnamese women for marriage have so much to offer prospective suitors.

Here, we will discuss some of the advantages to date Vietnamese women, but first, let us introduce you to these wonderful women.

The average Vietnamese woman combines a unique mix of being physically attractive and having great moral character, something very difficult to find among most western girls of today. In Vietnamese culture, being a virtuous woman often means being able to put the needs of your family ahead of yours, being dedicated to working, keeping yourself appealing to your husband and treating him with the highest accord. These are all areas that almost all Vietnamese women for marriage excel in.

With their delicate and dainty figures that portray their unique Asian heritage, Vietnamese wives turn heads wherever they go. Complimented by smooth, olive skin, dark brown hair and large, expressive honey-brown eyes, you cannot help but fall in love.

Vietnamese women hold themselves to a very high beauty standard and will make sure to look primped and proper for any occasion. For a Vietnamese Mail Order Bride, matrimony is a forever agreement between the two parties and Vietnamese girls often try to get married between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five.

If you manage to get yourself a Vietnamese girl, you are in for a treat.

When it comes to their attitudes toward foreign men, Vietnamese girls do not care where you are from, as far as you are ready to love them. They are very welcoming to foreign men, while they may be reserved initially; this all melts away once she gets to know you better. Also, when you approach them, they will be eager to talk to you.

Why You Should Want Them

Still not convinced about Vietnamese mail order brides? We will now discuss what makes them special and makes them unique among the various mail order brides, especially in the Asian category.


Vietnamese Mail Order Brides Are Bewitching And Enchanting

Referring to their appearances, Vietnamese women are some of the most beautiful Asian women to ever exist, you donโ€™t believe us? Just try a Google image search. They are slim but not emaciated. This is partly due to their diet, which mostly consists of just rice and chicken, and their genetics. Asian mail order brides are not famous for being fat so you do not have to worry about running into a fat woman when you try to meet Vietnamese women online. Vietnamese women are unbelievably attractive.

Now you might be worried that because we said Vietnamese women are skinny, which could imply that they may lack attractive features such as ass or boobs, but that is not the case with these women, a vast majority of them have shapely legs and butts and all the curves in the right places.

They are very sexy and seductive. They are sexier than most other South Asian nationalities both in the body and in the face.

All the beauty would mean almost nothing if they did not know how to accentuate it. Vietnamese women are skilled stylists and will always look their best all day, every day. The best part is that they can manage it without breaking the bank.

Asian women are known for their proficiency with cosmetics knowing how to turn themselves into supermodels without being excessive in the make-up application. The best part is, Vietnamese mail order brides age well, something that cannot be said about most other Asian women even in the same area as Vietnam.

They tend to look younger than they are; this fact is helping to increase their popularity more and more each year.

Vietnamese Girls Are Meek

A trait a lot of men try to find in their future partners: being meek or submissive. While this is not a complete indication of a virtuous woman, however, it is a good one. We understand not every man would prefer a strong, independent woman like most western women, who in fact, may take the notion of strong and independent a bit far; this makes men around them uncomfortable.

With Vietnamese women, you do not have to worry about such attitudes. They will gladly follow your lead and trust you to make the right decisions as regards your relationship.


Vietnamese Women Are Romantic

Vietnamese girls will get you sweets; write you little cute love notes and make public displays of affection to you. In them, you will find a strong pillar of support. Your Vietnamese girl will stick with you through thick and thin.

There is nothing more satisfying and reassuring knowing that there is someone who will always be there for you at all times.

Men usually go through a lot and often lack adequate support. However, with a Vietnamese woman for marriage, you will never have this problem. Her presence will always be there to comfort and reassure you.


To discourage divorce in Vietnam, the law makes it harder for divorced women to remarry. This, in turn, encourages Vietnamese women to work hard at their relationships; you will have to look hard to find women more loyal than Vietnamese brides. Infidelity, especially in marriage is against the law in Vietnam.

This is quite understandable for a conservative society like the Vietnamese. Therefore, you will not have to worry about your Vietnamese bride cheating on you, it just wonโ€™t happen.

However, remember, loyalty is a two-way thing, you cannot expect her to be loyal and you will not. The law also applies to you too, but do not worry, your Vietnamese wife will give you very little reason to stray from your vows.

Excellent Home Managers

Every man wants to have a home, and so they go for women who can help them build a warm, loving home to which they can return to and at the same time, raise a family in. Vietnamese mail order brides are not only sexy and generally good to look at; they are also masters of the arts of homemaking.

They are great cooks; they make sure your home is clean and welcoming to you after a hard dayโ€™s work, you can forget about running out of food at home or worrying that your kids are not taken proper care of, because they simply will never allow it. A note of warning though: while your wife may decide to handle the housework, do try to lend a hand once in a while too

Vietnamese girl for marriage may not mind doing most of the house chores, it is never a great idea to push all the work on her alone, helping out once in a while is a good sign that you appreciate her work and you want to help her once in a while.


Vietnamese Women Are Not Vain

Most foreign men think that Vietnamese girls are gold-diggers looking for financial security or maybe a green card. This is one of the reasons why they often steer clear of Vietnamese mail order brides. However, this simply not true.

Vietnamese women are not looking for a sugar daddy nor are they seeking to leave their country permanently. While things like money or living in a better country are attractive reasons to want to date a foreign man, Vietnamese women understand that that is not how to build a successful relationship, which is their main goal.

Vietnamese Girls Are Great To Be Around

They are super fun. No one likes a โ€œSnoozeโ€ or a boring person, Vietnamese girls enjoy life, laugh often and they enjoy life, in short, and they are a blast to have around. Moreover, the best part is, this attitude is infectious, this means there is no way you can be sad or melancholy around them. Anyone would be crazy to not want this kind of woman in his life.

Trying To Get A Vietnamese Girl For Marriage

So, you have met a girl on our site, taken a liking to her and you have decided to date her. Now you just have to impress her. Easy right? Well, maybe. See, dating a girl from Asia can be quite tricky, especially for men coming from western countries where the cultures are widely different. So here, we have compiled a list of Dos and Donโ€™ts to help you on your journey to winning her heart.

  • Be Decisive About Making The First Move

    You may recall that Vietnam is a conservative country, this applies to the women especially, because they will never make the first move, they want to see if you are man enough to ask them out. You pay this price if you want a woman who still respects traditional gender roles.

  • Proceed Gradually

    Depending on what you want from a Vietnamese mail order bride, it is often wise to build up the relationship gradually and not rush anything. Most of them do not do hook-ups and many do not even kiss you until maybe the third or fourth date. They are very cautious and they try to make sure you are serious about them before they commit to anything.

  • On Dates, Pick Up The Tab

    Splitting the bill? Donโ€™t even think about it. Taking a Vietnamese girl out on a date? Get ready to pay, itโ€™s called being a gentleman, something a lot of Asian girls generally appreciate in a man.

  • Treat Her Like Your Queen

    Doing stuff like opening doors for her, pulling out chairs at restaurants and getting her flowers may seem old-fashioned but that is exactly how you attract these girls and make them fall in love with you. These women are quite feminine and they love being treated nicely, not much room for feminism.

    So make sure to treat her nice, flowers are not costly, being extra considerate does not cost much and is not a bother, especially when it is toward someone you love.

  • Stepping Up In Times Of Decision-Making

    It is established early on that you will lead the relationship; you run the show and therefore, it is up to you to make the decisions on almost all facets of the relationship. It may be selecting where to eat, what to eat and such, so get comfortable with making decisions, even trivial ones.

  • Careful With The Satire

    The reason for this should be quite obvious, Vietnamese mail order brides are not native-born English speakers. Sarcasm or satire might not be easily understood by them as it is not common in languages other than of English, so you might think you are being clever but may only result in coming across as a jerk or just unfunny.

What is the average price of a beautiful Vietnamese bride?

Modern technologies and the constantly growing demand for dating sites provide you with a lot of options when it comes to online dating. The final price for a Vietnamese bride may vary depending on the site you decide to use and its popularity. But frankly speaking, the majority of them are in the same price range, that is why your price will mainly depend on how many services youโ€™ll decide to use.

As a rule, each dating site has free and fee-based services. For the second ones, sites usually use a virtual currency โ€” credits โ€” that you can buy in packages. Currently, the price for one 1 credit is around $3.99. Also, there is usually the option to buy a premium membership that costs more upfront but is lower in the long run. Having a membership is not only cost-effective but also helps to get the most of the website fast. If you want to get the most value for the buck, we recommend keeping your eyes peeled for seasonal bonuses and discounts.

Besides, donโ€™t forget that the cost of your stunning Vietnamese bride will also include travel expenses, the cost of visas and other documents that you will need, and even something like translator services should be also taken into consideration. However, regardless of the final sum, stunning Vietnamese beauties are totally worth it!


If you like Asian women, Vietnamese women for marriage can become a perfect match, smiley, attractive, gentle, and dedicated to their families. Become a spouse to such a lady is equivalent to winning the lottery, isnโ€™t it?

Finally, let us give you a pep talk; if youโ€™re looking for a Vietnamese wife, donโ€™t suspect your girlfriend from Vietnam in unfair intentions. Likely, she is with you not because of your passport but because she loves you and wants the best future for both of you.

Good luck with your Vietnamese journey and let the universe to make you happy!

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Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team.ย Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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Dave Miles

Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team.ย Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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