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Asian Date

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Asian Date Review: Is It Worth Its Salt?

AsianDate is a highly reputable online dating platform for single men who seek communication with Asian mail order brides. Among other platforms, this is one of the most popular destinations for American men as last month, over 1.55 million people visited this website, more than half of which were from the United States. What makes it so popular? First, it has a very detailed privacy policy that allows you to see that your private information is going to be safe and sound. Second, the number of women using the site is quite impressive. Lastly, the overall quality of the portal allows you to enjoy online communication to the fullest.

Score (721 votes)
Easy of Use: 99/10
Quality of Profiles: 93/10
Numbers of Members: 95/10
Customer Service: 92/10
Easy of Use
Quality of Profiles
Numbers of Members
Customer Service

Brief Intro

Asian Date launched in 2001 — almost two decades now, and it’s still running. Their main goal is to connect anyone — usually western men — to gorgeous Asian brides. Those from Asia sign up for free so there are countless profiles to browse through.

The site welcomes everyone-whether you are in for something a bit serious or casual. Since we all have the habit of judging a book by its cover, how about kicking things off with the website’s outlook?

Website Design

Many websites win at confusing a visitor due to so many attention-grabbing buttons. AsianDate isn’t one of them. Their site is clean, colorful with a less-cramped homepage. When you land, the registration box is the first that hits your eyes.


The experience is also better on mobile, especially if you have powerful browsers like Chrome. We also like their about page: it clearly and comprehensively details out what the company does. In short, you won’t have a hard time navigating their website.

Registration Process

It could take five minutes or less to sign up on Aisan date.As Asian dating sites review show, that the process is easy and simple. The requirements include

  • an email
  • password
  • date of birth

Once you fill in the info, we would recommend you allow whatever the browser you are using to save your password so you don’t have to type it manually every other time.

The moment you click “sign up,” you will be directed to a page with lots of female profiles for you to view and engage. At the top, you will see a call to action button that reminds you to complete the registration process via a link that they usually sent to your email.

The continued registration will include the addition of billing information. We would recommend taking a tour and reviewing several profiles of ladies and taking advantage of the 3-minutes free chat first.

Female profiles


This should be on the top of the list because it is the main reason you are signing up in the first place. There’s no point in providing billing info to a service that lists only 100 girls when there are countless men online looking to whisk them away. So, the bigger the number, the merrier and easier it gets for you.

On Asian Date, there are multiple female users, and that is super awesome. The girls are truly glamorous. They come in all ages from 19 all the way to the 50s. So basically there is something for everyone.

Are there human beings behind those profiles or they are AI machines? Nice question! They are 100% human, and this can be proved by most of the Asiandate reviews you bump into online.

You should be familiar with how to sniff out bots; just ask a personal question and if you get a weird answer — something that is not even related to question — then that is a bot.

Here is a screenshot of a human test we did on this site. As you can see, that was a human behind the profile.


There is just one thing that the website might be doing wrong — image editing. Since this is a dating website, the profile photos need to be real without the backgrounds being blurred out. Nevertheless, this could be an effort from the site’s team to help each girl get their best match by having ultra-presentable images.


Anyone who says AsianDate is expensive hasn’t really done plenty of online dating. There are sites that charge as much as $5 per credit. Credits are some sort of currency that you use for sending and opening messages.

At the time of this writing, the service charges roughly $0.15-$0.60 per credit. The first purchase usually comes as an offer where you get 20 credits for $3 ($2.99 to be exact). This gets sweeter with the second purchase where you get a discounted rate.

When you buy a credit package, the first 3 minutes won’t be billed for the first 10 girls you talk to. From there you get charged a single credit per minute for a live chat. Live videos will cost you 6 credits for a one-minute session, and a correspondence letter takes a further 10 credits.

These are the cheapest rates you will ever come across. The two common modes of payments are credit card and PayPal. Asian Date commonly accepts US dollars, Australian dollars, Euro, and UK pounds. The payment method automatically pops up depending on your IP address.


Asian Date has everything you need to have a successful dating session. While on the platform, there is an advanced search bar with extensive capabilities. While on some websites, you can only filter by country or age, this one goes far beyond to include interests, social qualities, appearance, kids, and city.

When pressing “show results”, you can opt to get results for females who are online and have videos. Videos are ideal as they give you a glimpse of how the girl talks. So do not ignore to tick that box.

When it comes to communication, you can do it via live chats, Camshare video or through a correspondence letter that allows you to be as detailed as possible. You can also send your girl a virtual gift to make her feel special.

The gifts they stock are not extraordinary. You most certainly have come across some of them on your phones. Nevertheless, the current world rotates so much around gifs, stickers, and emojis. Check the shot below for samples.


Customer Support

Asiandate is among the few dating solutions with flawless customer service. In case of a complaint, you can voice it through the website’s live chat, a toll-free number or website messaging system. Connecting people online can be a dicey venture. That’s why this website has limits to how they can help you in case of a problem.

For instance, they might be of little help if the following happens:

  • You have a complaint about something that happened on your dealings outside the website.
  • The account of the girl you have qualms with has been deactivated for 30 days or more.
  • It’s been over 7 days before you logged the complaint.

So, to benefit from this provider’s help in case of a problem, you better speak up as early as possible.

Safety and Compensation

The internet makes two things easy — finding what you want and getting conned. Yeah, that can be disturbing on so many levels. Some people sign up to dating sites for the sake of duping naïve and unsuspecting users. So if the service you are using doesn’t offer some sort of protection, then you are up for a bad experience.

What we love about Asian Date is its robust anti-scam policies. You probably have come across another Asiandate review that corroborates this. Nevertheless, before you register on Asian Date, you have to examine every detail to ensure everything adds up. Though some scams usually arise later on-and this is common on all platforms.

You will be reimbursed if the following happens:

  • A female member pretends to be interested in you and asks for expensive gifts only to shut down communication afterward.
  • The site mistakenly uses a lady’s profile to communicate with you.
  • If the flowers and other gifts you sent were not delivered.
  • If the girl you are dating apparently lied about her details including but not limited to age, marital status, number of kids, and gender.

The site bans anyone who violates their terms of the agreement. Nevertheless, you also don’t need to let your guard down. After all, it should be hard to tell apart a scam artist. They’ve got a fine ring around them that screams “not legit.”


It's free to search a member or view their profiles

Affordable and rife with discounted deals

Reliable customer service

Thousands of female profiles

Easy to sign up and use

Abundant features


The constant chat pop-ups can be disturbing and distracting

Final Say

Asian Date is certainly one of the most affordable sites for meeting Asian lovers online. They have thousands of female profiles to make your work fairly easier. From registration to chatting, everything is like cutting through a cake. They also have robust anti-scam policies and reimbursement in case you get mistreated.


However, just because the website has done everything to ensure online safety doesn’t mean you lax. So make sure to vet the girl you’ll be talking with to avoid nasty experiences.

Happy hunting!

Asian Date