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Mail Order Brides and International Dating

If you believe that distance is not an obstacle for love, a beautiful foreign girl may become your perfect match. Discover the world of online dating and meet your love or mail order bride soon!

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Mail Order Brides โ€” Does International Dating Can Make Me Happy?

The mail order brides from foreign countries are extremely popular among American men. Thousands of elite brides from Asia, Europe, and South America get married to men from the United States, mail order brides are becoming more and more popular every year, and if you want to meet foreign wife, youโ€™ve definitely come to the right place! Here, weโ€™ll tell you about how and where to meet foreign wife, why these women are so popular, and how to avoid scams when meeting a mail order wife.


What is a mail order bride and International dating? A mail order bride is a woman brought from a different country to be married, usually in return for a payment to a company that makes an arrangement. Mail order brides are girls who use online dating platforms and seek a chance to marry a nice, kind, and reliable man from the United States. They seek foreign husbands because they cannot find love in their own countries.

How does mail order bride and International dating works?

Today, men from developed countries look for mail order brides with the help of dating websites. How do mail order brides work โ€“ easily and effectively! More than 30% of American adults say that they have used a dating site or app! More than half of people who use online dating websites and apps are satisfied with the quality and experiences, and more than 12% have found serious relationships with online dating. According to the recent analysis, the online dating industry is rapidly evolving. By the year 2024, the global dating services market is expected to surpass $8,4 billion.

Looking for a foreign wife is easy if you use a dating service. Here is what you need to do:

  • Create a profile
  • Determine what kind of woman you want to find
  • Use searching system or automatic matchmaking
  • Communicate with girls you like

First, the mail order bride legality status is regulated by the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) and Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). IMBRA is a federal statute that requires background checks for all marriage visa sponsors. In other words, to get a foreign bride, the government should know that you are going to treat her properly. VAWA provides programs and services to protect women from domestic violence as well as meet the needs of immigrant women.

Are mail order brides legal in the United States? Yes, but in order to legally live in this country, a bride should get a K-1 visa, which is required for foreign citizens who want to marry a U.S. citizen. In order to obtain a K-1 fiancรฉe visa, you and your fiancรฉe must intend to marry each other within 90 days of your fiancรฉe entering the U.S. as a K-1 nonimmigrant.


Why do men want mail order brides?

The benefits of finding a mail order bride are diverse and numerous. First, a mail order bride is a woman who looks for love and happiness with a foreign man. Second, a foreign bride is usually family-oriented and seeks serious and long-term relationships. Lastly, men seek foreign brides because the process of selecting the one and only is easy. You do not need to spend hundreds of hours dating girls who are not suitable for you. Instead, you can define what kind of woman you want to find and rely on smart algorithms that are implemented on most dating sites.

Mail order bride and International dating statistics

In 2019, there were over 35 thousand mail order brides in the United States. Such an impressive number is a result of the increasing popularity of online dating and long-distance communication with foreign women for marriage. It should be noted that the amount of brides entering the United States began to increase in 1997. In 2001, it doubled, and since then the number of mail order brides has increased every single year. Over the last couple of years, the number of women for marriage from all over the world ranged from 24 to 35 thousand.

The main regions with the most mail order brides are the following:

  • Asia โ€” 17,681
  • Latin America โ€” 7,652
  • Europe โ€” 7,533
  • Africa โ€” 3,549
  • Oceania โ€” 561

And here are the top 5 countries with mail order brides from Asian, European, and Latin regions:



Latin America


How to get a mail order bride?

There are several ways to find a mail order bride. The simplest and most effective is through online dating โ€“ to buy a wife online, you do not need to spend too much time and money. According to a study conducted by RapidVisa, over 60% of respondents used dating sites to communicate with foreign partners. Social media is also quite popular nowadays โ€“ 15% of individuals have met true love via social networks. Lastly, it is essential to note that you can meet with a mail order bride by going to her country. However, this option is not very effective both in terms of the cost of mail order brides and the time you need to spend to find one. For example, the average cost of using a dating platform is just $10-$20 per month! Of course, you can spend more on gifts, real-life dates, and other expenses. But online dating is very affordable.

Mail order bride and International dating sites

Since online dating is the most effective approach to find mail order brides, letโ€™s take a look at what you need to do to choose a reliable and wonderful platform for mail order brides. The first main rule is to look for a website with a great reputation. There are plenty of dating sites that are known across the world, which is a great factor while choosing a dating website. For example, AsianMelodies, JollyRomance, and LatinFeels are excellent examples of platforms that will offer you the high-end quality of an online dating experience for an affordable price. These websites are highly popular among foreign mail order brides, which is why you are going to enjoy a great diversity of potential dates!

Since there are dozens of websites that can offer what you need, you have to take some time and choose the right platform. Start with selecting the region: Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, etc. After selecting the region, look for differences in countries. Lastly, you need to spend some time reading about the site, learn how many girls are using it, and other information that may be interesting for you. Make sure that you analyze the security, simplicity of registration, quality of profiles, and diversity of communication tools, as these factors will define the success of your online dating experience.


How to use international dating sites?

Online dating is very simple. Just a few things you need to know about your potential dating experience. First, you need to create a profile โ€“ make sure that it is detailed and informative. Then, you have to look for brides โ€“ you can use manual search or rely on matchmaking algorithms to narrow down the search and look among women who match your descriptions. After finding suitable mail order brides, you can start communicating with them! Most dating websites have detailed FAQ sections and helpful guides that will allow you to learn how to navigate and use the platform easily and quickly!

How to avoid scam?

Unfortunately, there are plenty of scams in the industry of online dating. However, it is not difficult to figure out that a website that you use is fraudulent. Here is how you know that you are getting scammed:

  • A website asks you to enter your credit card information during registration.
  • A website does not have any online reviews or any information from real people.
  • A woman you are chatting with asks you to send her some money.
  • A woman would express strong emotions for you in a relatively short period of time.

So, how to avoid online scams? It is quite easy: first, do not use dating platforms that are relatively unknown. Always look for information about a website you want to use online. If a website is real, there should be at least a couple of online reviews. Second, do not spend money right away. Take some time, get used to a website, and figure out whether it is suitable for you. Do not post too much personal information to avoid being targeted by professional scammers. Never send money to anyone you did not meet in real life!


Wondering where to meet foreign wife? Interested in mail order brides from foreign countries and dream of meeting a girl from Asia, Europe, or Latin America? Then, all you need to do is sign up on one of those mail order brides websites. This is literally the best way you can go โ€” these sites are quite cheap, they are very easy to use, and, whatโ€™s much more important, they really work. You only need to create a profile and verify your email address to start using the best mail order brides sites right now!

Online communication and dating is on the rise โ€“ millions of people across the globe are looking for true love and happiness online. Join the world of online dating and see its potential to bring you closer to women from different countries!

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