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German Brides

Who are German mail order brides? How to date them? Are they really that good? Read this to know!

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German Mail Order Bride: How to Find German Girl for Marriage?

German ladies are one of the most charming and interesting women. You can easily distinguish this lady from any other woman in the world. Delicate features, strong character traits, smartness — all this is about German women. They have open-minded personalities. These women know how to be not only a passionate lover and a loving wife. German girls are also true friends to their husbands, who will always support them in any situation.

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German mail order brides: Who they are

There are no clear statistics on the German mail order brides so, unfortunately, we don't know exactly how many women move to another country for love. What we can say is that, according to the most popular mail order bride platforms, most German women for marriage are between 18 and 30 years old. It doesn't mean that it's impossible to find a mature German mail order bride in her 40s or 50s, of course. According to our experience, most of them have a diploma or a degree and what's even more important, most of them know English well.

Challenges of dating a German girl for marriage

It’s not perfectly simple, of course — there are some problems and challenges you might face when dating a girl from Germany. Let’s talk about the most important ones.


Not all German ladies know English

Yes, according to Wikipedia, 56% of Germans know English, but this number doesn't reflect the reality perfectly. The thing is, even though most Germans learn English at schools, the absolute majority of them are quite far from fluency. It means that you will most likely have no problems with chatting but the odds are high that you'll have to deal with the language barrier when speaking to each other on your first date.

They are different and they need time to adapt

That’s a common problem almost every man who gets into the mail order brides world face. Women from other parts of the world don’t just look different, they have a different culture, different etiquette, and even different dating rules and traditions! Thus, your German girl for marriage may seem a little reserved or shy, especially in the beginning — but it doesn't mean that she doesn't like you, that's just part of their nation's character. They also need some time to adapt, but German brides cope with this problem better than, say, Slavic or Arabic women — according to the statistics, German Americans represent 17% of the total US population so they easily adjust to living in a new country.

Why do Western men want to date German women?

Why do thousands of Americans want to have a German wife? It’s very simple — these women are beautiful, smart, and well-mannered. But that’s not all and we are sure that there are at least three more reasons why these women are worth dating. Continue reading to find these reasons out!


German ladies are perfect cookers

German cuisine is very different depending on regions; every area in Germany has its own traditional dishes. The most interesting in national cuisine is baked delicacy – Brezeln, which you can find everywhere in Germany. There are also a lot of meat dishes: Sauerbraten, a roast beef stew; Rinderroulad, beef roll; etc. Which man would not be happy if his wife would cook such delicious meat dishes every day only for him? From early childhood, these girls know how to rule the roost in the kitchen and learn how to cook the most interesting dishes. They can use the simplest ingredients for cooking the most delicious culinary dishes.

German girls are direct and straightforward

Some people think that German women are too straightforward, but it's actually a very cool thing. Your German mail order wife or girlfriend will never lie and play games, she will never hide anything from you, and she will always tell it like it is. German women for marriage don't sugarcoat anything and they often say whatever is on their minds (well, most of them).

These women are very open-minded

Don't confuse "open-minded" with "easy" because German girls are definitely not "easy". They love life, appreciate diversity, and they are just not afraid to try new things. German women love adventures and new things in life, and they are in general very fun to talk to. You will never get bored with your German bride, that's a fact!

They are very serious...

… When it comes to relationships and to the relationship goals. If you are searching for a one-night stand, well, you will probably find what you need in Germany, but most German girls don’t need a one-night stand. They are in it for the long-term and they usually don't marry at a young age. So if you are searching for something serious, German girls are definitely what you need.

Why are German girls searching for a foreign husband?

They do it just because they can, that’s what we can say here. Some German women think that foreigners have more serious intentions than their local guys, the others just want to try something new, etc. There’s no such thing as gold-digging when it comes to German ladies — this country is very rich and developed, and German women generally have quite high wages.


How to choose a good European mail order brides platform?

There are lots of fake dating websites and real dating platforms that are just not worth your time and money. But don’t worry — it’s actually quite simple to find the right website with thousands of European brides. Here, we’ll tell you what factors to consider to filter out bad and scam dating services!

  • First, you have to check the safety and reputation of the dating platform. It’s not that hard — you will only have to check the authenticity of the website (verify whether the SSL certificate has expired or not, choose only the sites with HTTPs over HTTP).
  • Then, you should check the anti-scam filters of this website. It’s quite easy, too — you’ll have to make sure that the ID verification is required on this platform at least for women. If it’s impossible to create a fake profile on a website, it’s probably a safe service.
  • After that, it’s time to check out the price and number of services. A good dating website shouldn’t be too expensive and too cheap and it must have a lot of cool features (such as video chat and call service). Read the expert reviews to understand if the site is worth your time or not!

Yes. You can date and marry German mail order brides without any legal problems — you two will only have to prove your marriage is real (bona fide) and after that, your German wife will be able to get a K-1 visa. What's even more exciting, your bride will be able to get the green card in 5-6 months after she gets a K-1 visa (if everything goes well and your bride is approved).

Useful tips for dating German women for marriage

  1. Go old-fashioned. Most of these women love men who treat their women with respect. Most modern dating rules just don't work for German women — so you will have to act like a real gentleman to get a German girl!
  2. Learn German. We’ve already said that not all Germans can speak English fluently, so it’s highly recommended to learn at least some basic German phrases to break the language barrier.
  3. And you should be ready to break the ice, of course. The thing is, German culture is a coconut-type culture (in such cultures, people tend to be reserved and closed with new people but soft and friendly after a little friendly interaction). That’s why it will most likely take some time to get to know your German bride better.

Use these tips to successfully date German girls - you can use them both online and in real life. If you are a polite person who is interested in a serious relationship, you have great chances to get yourself a German wife.

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Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team. Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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Dave Miles

Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team. Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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