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Slavic Brides

Slavic brides can be even better than Asian and Western European women! Donโ€™t believe us? Check out this article to find the proof, learn why Slavic ladies make the best wives and where you can meet them!

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Gorgeous Slavic Brides โ€“ Whatโ€™s So Special About Them?

Eastern European women are undoubtedly popular, but many Westerners still think that they are out of reach. But wise men know that using specialized mail order bride sites is the best option to meet real Slavic brides. Read on and explore all the peculiarities of looking for a Slavic wife and all the expenses from the early stages to the move to your country.

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Where and how to find Slavic brides?

Where do people meet each other in 2022? Everywhere, actually: in the office, in the gym, at parties, in bars, in parks, in trains, etc.

What are the best countries to meet Slavic brides

In case you have a strong intention to create strong bonds with Slavic women, choose the right destination for your bride search. The most popular countries for meeting Slavic mail order brides are:

Ukraine and Russia are the biggest Slavic countries. Here you can meet a lot of potential partners that meet your preferences and life outlook. However, you will need to get familiar with the customs and traditions of the country to create a stronger connection with your soulmate.

However, If you are not going to move to one of the post-Soviet countries, the only place where you can meet a Slavic bride is the internet.


How to get a Slavic wife online: step-by-step?

Meeting a partner online is not only easy but very common in the modern world as well. Mail order bride sites facilitate the process and make it comfortable to both experienced users and newbies to the mail order bride scene. Here is a quick step-by-step guide to help you:

  • Step 1. Choose the optimal Slavic mail order bride site.
  • Step 2. Register and create an eye-catching profile.
  • Step 3. Browse profiles of hot Eastern European women.
  • Step 4. Pick 3-5 ladies to talk to and choose your girl.
  • Step 5. Develop your relationship and when the time is right ask for her hand.
  • Step 6. Prepare legally for marriage.
  • Step 7. Get married in the US or Eastern Europe.

Follow the 7-step process and get the Slavic wife youโ€™ve always wanted!

How to choose the right dating website?

Of course, niche dating websites are the places with the highest concentration of hot Slavic singles. However, we want to warn you against making the most common mistake โ€“ a lot of newbies pick the site without reviewing it.

This is the wrong strategy just because some of the sites are not safe, and members can suffer from data leaks. Some do not verify the accounts and accept any person who clicks โ€˜Sign up.โ€™ Some are extremely pricey, mostly because of the hidden costs. Still, there are tons of great places to meet a wife, so do not give up or check out the reviews here, on Elite Brides.

Things you should consider when choosing the right option:

  • Number of real Slavic girls for marriage
  • Available features
  • Billing policy
  • Safety & security
  • Interface
  • Usersโ€™ profiles

Though this is time-consuming, we encourage you not to ignore the necessity of examining the site.

Slavic mail order brides โ€“ who are they?

Slavic girls who fail to find love at home fall into two categories: those who wait for a miracle, and those who think that waiting for a prince is generally a good idea, but it is always better to text the address to him, just in case. The girls from the second group are known as Slavic women for marriage.

The only thing that distinguishes them from the rest of Slavic singles is that they do not want to wait for a miracle. A regular bride makes a decision to change her life for the better and meet a foreign man of her dreams. As you can see, there are no pitfalls, no hidden motives, no all those stereotypical things that some people love to discuss.

โค๏ธ Success Rate~73%
๐ŸŒ Most popular Slavic countriesย Ukraine
๐Ÿ’ฐ Average cost of Slavic bride$6,100
โŒ› Average age of Slavic bride ย  ย ~ 25 y.o.

How much does a Slavic mail order bride cost?

When discussing the cost of a Slavic mail order bride, we take all the potential expenses into account: from the moment you start looking for a potential bride to the moment you tie the knot. Donโ€™t think that you can just pay a certain sum and get a wife! Here is what you can expect to pay for:

  • Paid online dating services. Communication, premium subscription, pro features can vary depending on the site you decide to join, but on average, it can cost around $1-2K.
  • Traveling. Getting around Eastern Europe is cheap, so youโ€™d spend under $1.5K for roundtrip tickets, accommodation, and transportation.
  • Entertainment. Everything depends on your desires but be ready to spend on restaurants, flowers, and presents.
  • Traditional courtship is a part of the relationship with a Slavic girl. It can cost around $200-600.
  • Visa fees. K-1 fixed visa costs are around $800, but you may also have additional expenses.
  • Wedding cost. An average American wedding costs $22K, but a luxury wedding in Eastern Europe can be arranged for under $10K.
  • Moving cost. The one-way ticket can be bought under $1K, but the additional adaptation costs for moving, language courses, and other expenses might cost $5-10K.

So, on average, the cost of a wife from Eastern Europe can be around $9-15K. But note that there can be many variable expenses, including the cost of wedding accessories and extra services, such as interpreting. But in general, they donโ€™t change the sum drastically.

Are Slavic mail order brides legitimate?

Yes! International relationships with mail order brides from Eastern Europe are legal and recognized in almost all countries of the world. Here is why Slavic mail order brides are legitimate:

  • You are not paying to get a Slavic bride as you canโ€™t buy a woman in the 21st century
  • You are not paying for any sort of sexual relationship
  • You have mutual consent about your relationship
  • You can legally marry in the US or Eastern Europe

Dating and marrying a Slavic bride is as legal as doing the same with a local woman. But to know more about the legal side of mail order brides, read this.

What is so special about Slavic brides?

Are Slavic girls still popular? Of course, they are. Ask any man you know what he thinks about these women, and the word โ€˜hotโ€™ will likely be the first word he will say.

Some may say that stunning Latinas or cute Asian ladies can play with them in this popularity contest and may even win. After all, not all Slavic girls have those gorgeous curves that a lot of Latinas have. We cannot also deny that they are not as shy and even obedient as girls from China or Thailand. Nevertheless, they always take the leading positions in the dating industry.

So what is the secret? Why do these girls win the hearts of men worldwide without even making any special effort? No, this is not magic. The secret components of their charm are already identified! So, let us take a closer look at the things that make guys fall in love and marry Slavic girls.

Beauty that is beyond the measure of words

โ€œI don't really care about my imperfections!โ€ This is a phrase you are likely to hear from most western ladies. โ€œI want to be the best version of myself!โ€ This is a saying that reflects how most Slavic girls think.

  • They do not relax and take time out because they know they are naturally beautiful (and they are, did you see Irina Shayk?), it is not enough for them. They care about the way they look at home, at work, during vacation, and in any other place. Western girls think this is because they are not confident enough to accept and love themselves. Slavic girls smile when they hear this and go to the gym and spa.
  • They know that this is not about insecurities. They do everything they can do to be the peak of their beauty and stay there as long as it is possible for plenty of reasons. Firstly, these women are not lazy. Secondly, they are not used to saying that dark is bright โ€“ in their opinion, imperfections are imperfections, and they never give up. Thirdly, they know that beauty is their strength. So why not use it then?

Good old family values

Why do people get married? Yes, this question may seem weird, but the truth is today, we need to ask it more and more often. Unfortunately, some couples that get married remain two separate, fully independent (in a bad way) people. Often, they do not have kids, and when they have, things become even worse than they were.

Slavic girls have a different attitude to the institution of the family. To them, this is the strong union of two people who want to live their lives together, have kids, etc. In other words, they have all those old school family values. To them, it is the most important thing in the life of every person and they usually make every effort to build a happy family, keep it together and make it stronger.

A Slavic girl doesnโ€™t really like cleaners and maids

You may say that this is a pretty weird thing to mention. Why would this be considered as someoneโ€™s advantage? Let us explain.

The thing is a regular Slavic wife does not see her home as a place where her family members have rest, eat, gather in the evening, i.e., where they just do things. This is her hearth. The thing that usually surprises western women most is that Slavic wives do not let anyone (except for the people closest to them) do anything in their kitchen or in their homes.

It is pretty hard for them to imagine that a stranger will do dishes, cook food for her husband and children, and set a table. They used to do this by themselves, and frankly, they do this perfectly. Maybe the secret is in their desire to make their families happy, who knows.

Balancing between the East and West โ€“ inner strength & femininity

Why do guys marry Asian girls? Yes, they like the way they look, but the main reason for their popularity is that they are caring and very respectful wives. Their femininity is reflected in everything they do, in particular, in the way they treat their husbands and boyfriends. Why do men like European girls? The answer is simple โ€“ because they are independent enough to take care of themselves.


Slavic girls are the whole package.

Seriously, this is one of the things that make them special and, of course, popular. Maybe this is somehow related to the history of post-Soviet countries which used to be one huge union. Asian and European cultures, values, lifestyles, views on life, society, and even religion has mixed, and yes, that was a fantastic cocktail with the best ingredients!

Due to numerous historical twists and turns, Slavic girls are who they are today. The last but not the least quality in our list is their ability to be gentle, fragile, and incredibly feminine, and demonstrate inner strength and be independent when necessary.

A guy who chooses a Slavic woman marries a beautiful woman and a strong, loyal companion, and that is priceless.

What is a Slavic wifeโ€™s motivation?

As you can see these girls are incredible. Seriously, who would not want to marry one of them? So, what is the catch? Why would such gorgeous singles look for someone in another part of the world? Let us take a look at the list of things that make these hotties do it.

Please note that in most cases, separate things from this list do not make them search for love in another part of the world. Usually, Slavic girls are driven by most or all of them.

  • Strong desire to find a husband. Yes, as it was noted, the vast majority of these women look for love somewhere thousands of miles away from them is a failure to find it at home.
  • Strong desire to find a loving and romantic husband. Yes, a lot of Slavic brides think that guys from western European countries, as well as Australian, American, and Canadian guys, treat their women better than Slavic men. Usually, they are right.
  • Wish to live in a better country. There is no denying that most post-Soviet countries face serious economic and political challenges. No wonder they are seeking to live in more stable countries, get married there and raise their children there.
  • They are looking for a manโ€™s support. We mentioned that these women are strong, and that is true, but the truth is also that they need to work on an equal basis with men or even harder. Some western women say that these girls are dependent and lazy. That is just the stereotype. The vast majority of ladies there would like to pay more attention to a family โ€“ they just cannot stop working hard for financial reasons.

As you can see, there is nothing really surprising. Slavic brides are just women who want to make their simple dreams come true.

How to become an ideal man for beautiful Slavic mail order brides?

If you are blown away by the beauty and charm of Slavic girls, you may want to learn the ways to make their hearts go pitter-patter. Slavic women prefer generous and extravagant men who know how to surprise their ladies. You should be a gentleman and demonstrate your best sides.ย 


Slavic women have serious intentions and are expecting to find a reliable man to live life with. Unlike Western ladies, Slavic brides are focused on their family rather than a career. When you show commitment to your partner, she will do her best to create a calm and romantic atmosphere in your family.

Slavic girls appreciate attentive men who treat their ladies with politeness and mutual understanding. If you can turn their beliefs into reality, you will definitely build long-lasting relationships together.

Slavic women are known for their elegance, natural beauty, and loyalty. They believe they can find a partner for their entire life and create a loving family. These ladies are supportive views and caring mothers. Once you discover the details about Slavic culture, winning the heart of a gorgeous lady will be a breeze. All you need is to pick a reliable dating platform, create your profile and start searching for your perfect partner.

10 ideas for romantic date with Slavic woman for marriage

These ideas for a romantic date with Slavic women will help you impress your partner and create a fresh start for your relationship.

  1. Invite her to the restaurant with a mesmerizing view. Make sure it offers traditional European meals and has a beautiful view of the seaside, garden, river, or fountain. If it is a warm season, you can offer your partner to spend the evening at a sky-high restaurant and enjoy rooftop dining.
  2. If your lady is all about adventures, you can invite her to the amusement park. Once you get a dose of adrenaline, you can show your true emotions and better know each other. This idea will work great only if your partner is a thrill-seeker. ย 
  3. Picnic. What about going out and having a picnic outside? There is nothing better than nature, delicious food, relaxing drinks, and two loving people. You and your Slavic lady will immerse yourself in special sensations, enjoying the beauty of nature. You can organize a picnic in the park or at the beach. Avoid inviting her to the forest since it may seem a bit weird.
  4. Live concert. If you know the preferences of your lady, you can book the tickets to the concert of her favorite singer or band. Also, it can be a movie or theatre performance. Just learn the interests of your Slavic lady to pleasantly surprise her.
  5. Boat trip. You can organize a romantic evening cruise on a classic yacht. It is possible to watch a beautiful sunset or enjoy the lights of the night city. Complement your date with pleasant music and a nice dinner. Get cozy with your girlfriend and pop a bottle of something relaxing on board.
  6. Festivals and carnivals events have endless opportunities to spend excellent time together. You can participate in different entertainment events, watch the parade and fireworks. It is even possible to take part in carnival rides to create a closer connection with your girlfriend.
  7. Hiking is a great chance to have long talks and see new places. Hiking around water elements or to a waterfall will infuse your date with romantic emotions. You can take a picnic and communicate with your date. Hiking gives a lot of possibilities for physical interactions without crossing any boundaries. Thus, you can better learn how to interact with your lady.
  8. Workshop. Invite your lady to the DIY workshop. This is a great opportunity to spice up your romantic routine and spend the evening together. Aside from learning a new skill, you can showcase your inner creativity and amaze your partner.
  9. Game night. If your lady is all about board games, you can turn it into a romantic date activity. An interesting board game, a glass of wine, and funny talks are a perfect blend for creating deep connections.
  10. Outdoor movies offer an additional dose of romantic sensations for both partners. Choose a movie together and jump in the car to visit an outdoor cinema. This is a nice opportunity to spend a perfect date without the hectic restaurant crowds.

Final thoughts

Men have been marrying Slavic women for centuries, and yes, they are still doing it. Moreover, they will hardly stop doing it in the near or the distant future, and the reason is simple โ€“ they know that Slavic girls for marriage can make a man happy. Do you think that you can be one of these men? So what are you waiting for? Just pick the site and take the first steps on the way to your dream!

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Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team.ย Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team.ย Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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