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If an attractive and seductive ice queen is your dream, check our expert dating article and find your way to a Nordic beauty's heart.

Icelandic Brides: Cold As Ice Or Hot As Fire?

Iceland is without  doubt one of the most amazing travel spots around the globe. With its picturesque nature scenes, enchanting waterfalls, and modern dating attitude, it attracts not only globetrotters but also foreign singles and love-seekers. Not surprisingly, all of them are thirsty to hang out in the most liberated country in the world. Whether you are looking for a drop-dead gorgeous "shield-maiden" or just the closest soulmate in your life, Iceland is the place that will hit the nail on the head. However, meeting an amazing Icelandic woman will only be successful if you are quite aware of what dating means for people from the country of ice and fire.

Icelandic mail order brides: truth & stereotypes

Before getting on to look for an Icelandic girl for marriage, you need to get to know what is actually true about amazing Nordic women. Some of these points will help you avoid misunderstandings and moments of embarrassment, while other tips will lead to the heart of a local girl. So, stay tuned and read attentively.

Icelandic ladies are all about gender equality

Iceland is always depicted in the international spotlight as one of the best countries for women worldwide. Here, women get the same salaries, are given the same opportunities, and always march for their rights. Starting from the first Icelandic female president worldwide, women taking part in parliament, the police, and the city council in 1940-1960s, to major protests against harassment, Icelandic brides enjoy equality in all aspects of their lives.

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How does it influence their dating rules? Well, these women prefer to look for relationships full of respect, mutual understanding, and equality itself. It doesn't mean that they firmly crave to take the spot of the head of the family, but they won't tolerate any sexism. Overall, in Iceland, society follows the golden mean taking the stand between traditional conservatism and radical feminism.

Icelandic ladies are not afraid of making the first move

Icelandic girls who are ready for marriage take an active part in any relationship. If you come across a stunning woman, lock eyes with her, and if she approaches you first, then welcome to Iceland. In this country, ladies are pretty confident and eager to strike up a conversation with people they like. If you meet online, they will gladly write first and avoid any games like playing hard to get.

Casual relationships are common for Icelandic girls

Whether you are looking for no-strings-attached on purpose or just start a communication with a beautiful lady, keep in mind their casual dating approach. People in Iceland are quite careless and liberated. Don't get us wrong, it doesn't mean that they are promiscuous. On the contrary, Icelandic women won't anyone get closer unless there is a spark between you. But if so, there is no problem with hanging out, spending a night, having a great breakfast, and then going your own way even without conversations of exclusivity.

Icelandic ladies are easy-going and optimistic

"þetta reddast" is the phrase you will likely hear from any Icelandic lady you come across. Translated as "it will all work out," this motto perfectly describes Icelandic peoples’ positive mindset. Despite living on a remote, barren island with a harsh environment, local people remain enthusiastic and happy. Viking origins probably empowered them to face any difficulties with no whining and back up close to the people no matter what the situation is.

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Role of the family for Icelandic wives

Not surprisingly, Icelandic brides tend to have much closer relationships with their families than the majority of their European or American counterparts. First, the country is quite small. About 350,000 people live in this country, and most of them don't move away but stay in the same place for their whole life. Even the recent changes that make Iceland a more urban-based country don't hinder the family's strong connection. Second, people from the country of ice and fire have larger families than other Northern countries. However, as soon as children grow up, they move out and don't share the same space with their parents or grandparents. Their relatives are likely to support them and help with kids, though.

When Icelandic ladies build their families, they usually follow the same patterns they observed as children. First, it's common to share all the housework at home. Secondly, young couples highly rely on their relatives for help and don't mind keeping so close relationships even after marriage.

How to date Icelandic girls for marriage?

Beautiful flowers, small gifts, chivalric gestures, and sweet words. If you decide to date an Icelandic lady, you can surely forget about this list. To get the heart of the lady, you can better go for a walk. Boring in any other country, in Iceland, in the middle of nature, this activity is much more enjoyable. Besides, local women like to go to parties, bars, or clubs and meet new people there. Moreover, one of the best ways to look for a beautiful single Icelandic girl for marriage is to join an international dating service. Easy to use and popular in Iceland, it can help you meet the right person even at a distance.

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When it comes to real life, here is a little guidance of things-to-do to win the heart of the ice lady:

  • Treat her as an equal and be attentive to her opinion.
  • Don't be too pushy or too shy.
  • Stay down-to-earth and don't show off.
  • Show your respect to her and all people around.
  • Relax and enjoy. In Iceland, try to go with the flow, take it easy, and don't worry about other things. Dating an Iceland mail order wife is laid-back and excludes any drama. Just be sincere and honest about your intentions.

Are Icelandic women for marriage interested in foreign men?

One of the biggest dating problems in Iceland is the slim pickings of potential partners. With only 350,000 people living on the Island and with little immigration, the chances of coming across your distant relative when dating are extremely high. That's why local people even have a special application helping to avoid any surprises down the road. With such a problem, more and more Icelandic girls are actually looking for their love online. Even more, such homogeneity of the population makes an Icelandic girl thirsty for dating a man from abroad who potentially looks, behaves and thinks differently.

Does the Icelandic government really pay $5,000 for marrying an Icelandic wife?

Despite the popular hoax that appeared on the Web some years ago, there is no shortage of men in Iceland, and the government won't pay immigrants $5,000 to tie the knot with local ladies. Even so, combining your life with a Nordic beauty can be a great decision in itself. An Icelandic woman for marriage is independent and self-sufficient, but at the same time, she will be a great and reliable life partner, and a modern and caring mother.

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