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Slovak Brides

Slovak brides are attractive, loyal, and feminine ladies who win the hearts of men everywhere, and with good reason.

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Slovak Brides: Crossroad Between Eastern Traditions & Western Lifestyle

A typical Slovakian mail order bride looks very attractive โ€” she combines natural appearance with a modern sense of fashion and style. The majority of girls from Slovakia are blondes, although you can easily find plenty of brunettes and women with red hair. Slovakia is not the most popular country for online dating. However, you will be able to find up to 1,000 active female members on most dating platforms. In 2019, only 23 girls received K-1 visas and married American men. If you are seeking a family-oriented lady who knows how to be loyal and interesting in family life, then choosing a Slovakian bride is what you need to do!

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Average age of starting a family among Slovakian women

Girls in Slovakia are highly family-oriented, which is why you can easily find quite young women who are ready for serious and lifelong relationships. Usually, girls above 20 are quite eager to communicate and date serious and responsible men with an intention to build a family in the nearest future.

Slovak women present a surprising combination of different features that make them just perfect. They are not as feminists as their Western European counterparts, but a typical Slovak wife will likely share a natural occidental lifestyle with modern interests and outlook. Besides, some cultural factors may be quite refreshing for a Western man, bringing some surprises and new discoveries into relationships. So what are Slovak mail order brides like?

Slovak girls for marriage are quite old-fashioned in the great meaning of this word


Are you trying to meet a woman who will attract you by her femininity? Slovak brides are not so conservative as Russian ones, for example. They even have some German features interestingly transformed by their local culture. But when you meet a girl from Slovakia and start to communicate, you canโ€™t help but see her Slavic nature. She will definitely try to impress you by her charm. She will usually dress to impress and put a lot of effort into her look. Without high heels and too bright make-up, these girls know how to maintain their natural beauty and behave like real ladies. So donโ€™t expect her to wear a simple T-shirt and baggy jeans when going for a date.

At the same time, these ladies like when everything goes on like a fairy tale. Chivalric gestures? Yes. Gallant attitude? Definitely, yes. Here, you canโ€™t be afraid to bring an armful of flowers on your date. While most Western ladies will frown upon such a gesture, any Slovak lady will genuinely appreciate your attention.

Slovak women are deeply religious which influences their dating habits

Most Slovak ladies are Catholics, and religion plays a major role in the life of these people. First, they usually take on a more conservative demeanor in all aspects of life. Thatโ€™s why they will usually avoid any physical closeness until you know each other pretty well. Besides, itโ€™s common for 25-year-old people to live with their parents. Of course, not everyone follows these general patterns, but when communicating with any Slovak lady, be careful with your words and donโ€™t mock any religious subject so as not to offend her.

Slovak women for marriage are fun and emotional

Unlike Eastern European ladies, Slovak women are more open-minded. Despite the similarity and common economical, cultural, and social background with Czech people, the latter claim that ladies from Slovakia are much more smiley, passionate, and temperamental. They like to have fun, talk loudly, and enjoy small things. At the same time, if something goes wrong, it wonโ€™t be unnoticed. Slovak ladies will tell you out loud if they donโ€™t like something. However, they wonโ€™t hold a grudge. If you have a problem, in the relationship with a Slovak girl for marriage, you will simply discuss it, make a joke out of it, and forget it by the next morning.


How to impress a Slovak woman?

You may think that dating rules are the same for every country. In reality, every culture has its peculiarities that can either help you win the heart of your love or make you fail. So what are the golden rules and faux pas of Slovak dating?

  • Demonstrate your serious intentions. Most Slovak girls are looking for marriage or at least stable relationships. Just being a foreigner wonโ€™t help you in this country. Here, ladies donโ€™t crave to get married to leave the country or to get into a better financial situation. These women just want to find an accomplished man and a reliable husband to build a family and enjoy the day-to-day joys of life.
  • Formality matters. If you want to win the heart of a Slovak girl for marriage, you will need to be well-mannered and educated. For example, not taking your shoes off when entering the house or not bringing a small gift when coming for a visit may cause some discontent on the day-to-day level. But if you meet her parents and want to try some Slovak, remember the proper, polite form (vykanie). However, with friends, you can easily use the informal way of speaking (tykanie).
  • If itโ€™s your first date, you are supposed to pay. Yes, she can suggest contributing, but it will be just a polite gesture. Like in every Slavic country, the male is a supporter and breadwinner. So, if you canโ€™t bring her to a nice restaurant, choose a modest coffee shop but never accept splitting the bill.
  • If you want to surprise any of Slovakian wives, dig into their culture and history. First, it will help you avoid some unpleasant mistakes like confusing Slovakia and Slovenia, or referring her country as Czechoslovakia. Besides, some knowledge can save you from awkward situations like presenting an even number of flowers in a bouquet (people usually give them for funerals).

Is it possible to meet a Slovak woman for marriage on international dating sites?

For those who donโ€™t have the possibility to swing by Slovakia, mail order bride platforms can help meet hundreds of amazing single local women. A lot of girls sign-up on such websites to try something new and discover dating abroad. The main problem is that even despite its location, this Central European country is really homogeneous, so coming across the same culture throughout all their dating lives makes Slovak brides bored and ready to explore other dating spots.

Besides, most mail order bride services are absolutely free to join and offer a variety of functions. For example, you can easily hold a conversation with any Slovak wife thanks to numerous chat, message, and audio tools, as well as video calls.


To sum it up, we can surely say that Slovakian ladies are really easy-going, intelligent and adaptive. So, if you come across your love on one of the international dating sites, donโ€™t worry about the distance. Your beauty will likely move to your country, get accustomed, and easily find herself in another culture.