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Read this to know more about amazing European mail order brides!

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Dating European brides: Tips and interesting facts

Nowadays, many Westerns dream of finding and dating a beautiful European bride. These women are very different in appearance, in some countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland, blond hair and slender figures predominate, while in France, Italy, and Greece, you can meet beauties with black curly hair, lush lips, and female figures. Mostly European women are very hardworking. They value family, cook well, and know how to be the most loving partner for their loved ones. If you are looking for an ideal life partner who will make your family life happy and full of joy, then these charming European brides will be the perfect choice for you.

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Who are European mail order brides?

There is no such thing as developed mail bride industry in Europe (if we are not talking about Eastern Europe, of course). However, there are still thousands of European mail order brides who are looking for a man from other countries (in most cases it's the United States). The most popular European wife country is the United Kingdom (again, if we are not talking about Eastern Europe), but there are actually lots of women from Germany, Spain, Italy, and other countries who are searching for a man from the US. In most cases, these women are in their 20s and 30s, and they usually have no children.

European ladies: What problems to expect during dating?

Dating and marrying a woman from another part of the world has never been easier. Of course, it's much easier to date a foreign girl nowadays than it was, say, 30 years ago โ€” but still, there are some challenges you will most likely face. Let's talk about them.

Language barrier

It's not the biggest problem when it comes to such countries as the United Kingdom, of course. Countries like Germany and France also have millions of women who speak English fluently. But if you want to date a European girl for marriage from the Eastern European country or from the Balkan region, you should be ready to solve the language barrier problem. Luckily, it's the problem that can be solved quite fast โ€” most immigrants reach fluency in about 6-12 months.


Different mentality and culture

From the family concept to the dating etiquette, everything is different in Europe from what you've seen in your country. Like, did you know that open relationship is not common in Europe at all? Or that Eastern European women prefer to have traditional families? A Spanish girl, for example, can tell you that she loves you after 1 week, and a German girl can be too direct. Anyway, there are lots of nuances you should know to understand these women better.

They are gold-diggers, and love means nothing for them. Too many people mistakenly believe that these women dream of marrying a foreigner only because of his money. In fact, these women are very hardworking and have many opportunities to study and work.

They only want to leave their home country. A large number of women from these countries travel and study abroad a lot; only serious relationships and love are the reason for their desire to move abroad.

These women are very picky. In fact, European women are very modest and appreciate even the smallest thing you do for them. Most women in this region are dissatisfied with local men and choose foreign men because they consider them very reliable, attentive, and responsive.

European women for marriage: Are they really that good? Why?

Are European brides really worth dating? We believe that they are โ€” and here, you will find the 3 most important reasons why you should spend your time on dating them!

European ladies are beautiful

We canโ€™t describe them here, of course โ€” some of them have blonde hair and the others have dark hair, some of them have Nordic facial features while the others have Slavic or Germanic facial features, etc. But the absolute majority of them take care of themselves, most of them have beautiful fit bodies, and most of them know how to dress nice and look stylish.


European girls are strong and independent

European wives are not passive and weak โ€” so if you are searching for a shy and submissive wife, European girls for marriage are probably not the best choice for you. But if you are looking for an independent woman, the European region is your best option. These women have their life goals and know how to achieve them, they are not afraid to do things alone, and they are not scared of making their own decisions.

But they are also feminine

The previous fact doesnโ€™t in any way mean that European girls are not feminine. They have all those traits that are traditionally cited as feminine (e.g. sensitivity and gentleness), they can be soft and charming, and they are really elegant.

What makes European girls for marriage search for a foreign man?

When we are talking about traditional and conservative regions, such as the Arabian peninsula or Southeastern Asia, itโ€™s simple โ€” these women want to find a foreigner in order to leave their poor countries. But when it comes to Europe, itโ€™s definitely not about economic reasons.

There is actually no one clear reason why these women are looking for a foreigner. Some of them want to move to the United States or to another country just to try something different, the others believe that American men are real gentlemen who treat their women with respect and respect equal rights at the same time. But most European women simply want to try dating a foreigner, thatโ€™s all. They want to date a foreign man because, well, why not?


Choosing the right European mail order wives website

It's not rocket science โ€” you won't need to spend long hours choosing the right European mail order brides website. Just follow these 4 tips and everything will be great!

  1. First, check the safety of the site. Itโ€™s the most important thing to do โ€” if everything is ok with safety, the website is most likely worth your time and money. You will have to check the SSL certificate and an antivirus certificate (if any).
  2. Then, anti-fraud policy. Are the girls real on this website? Does this site have a good anti-scam filter? Do women have to provide the scans of their IDs to sign up? If there are three โ€œyesโ€, this website is 100% safe and trusted.
  3. Youโ€™ll also have to check the number of communication methods. If a dating platform is good, it must have a video chat and a live chat.
  4. And then, price. Is this website too expensive or too cheap? Well, then you probably should ignore it. Read the reviews and check out the pricing policies of at least a few dating websites to understand the price range.

Yes, itโ€™s totally legal. You will have no problems with dating, marrying, and taking your European mail order wife to your country. If we are talking about the United States, hereโ€™s another piece of good news for you: your wife will be able to get a Green card without any legal problems (if your marriage is โ€œrealโ€, of course).


Top 3 tips for dating European women

  • Learn the language. Whether itโ€™s German, Polish, Ukrainian, or French, the advice stays the same โ€” European girls love it when a man can say at least several phrases in their native language.
  • Read about local customs and about the local dating etiquette. As weโ€™ve said, the dating etiquette is totally different in Europe, so you should familiarize yourself with the dating traditions of a certain country so you don't do anything awkward.
  • Show respect and be a gentleman. Sounds obvious? Well, that's the one piece of advice that works for everyone, in every country, and with every woman.

We hope that the info we've collected for you was useful and now you're ready to start dating European girls! Don't hesitate to do this: there are plenty of single Western men who are currently on their way to a dating site or Europe, seeking for a perfect bride. Don't miss your perfect woman!