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European Brides

Read this to know more about amazing European mail order brides!

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European Girls for Marriage: Find a Bride from Eastern Europe

Are you interested in how to get a mail order wife? Do you wonder how much does a European mail order wife cost and how to find European women to marry and not to get scammed? We got you covered! Keep on reading and find out everything about finding European mail order brides.

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Who are European mail order brides?

Many single men wondering where to get a European mail order bride don't actually know what is ย European mail order brides for real. The concept of a mail-order wife could be a bit confusing, but the truth is that services donโ€™t allow buying European girls. But it is just a name, and you can't pay for a bride to be delivered to your doorstep.

Looking for a European wife to marry, you should know that real European mail order brides are women and girls from this region who are interested in finding a foreign husband. Most of the ladies are Eastern European women. Also, it is important to make clear that, when you think over the Europe mail order wife cost, you are not thinking about paying for for a pretty European girl. Instead, the cost is referred to dating and all related expenses.

European brides: What problems to expect during dating?

For those who wonder how to find a European woman to marry, it is very important to understand that cultural backgrounds and mentality can make a serious relationship a bit harder than if you were dating a local girl. But when approached right, finding a European wife online can be the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Language barrier

In different countries of Europe, beautiful brides have different levels of English. For example, a typical German bride or foreign bride from the Netherlands can be fluent in English, so you won't have any problems in understanding during online communication. But most Slavic ladies usually have basic English. So, if you are into hot Russian women or Ukrainian brides, you'll need to use translation services first or make more effort to communicate your ideas.


Different mentality and culture

The cultural background, religion, traditions, and beliefs of your gorgeous Eastern European bride will influence how she approaches relationships and sees family. Exploring each other's cultures and being accepting can help to smooth any harsh edges. Also, while picking among the variety of foreign mail order brides from this region, you need to learn more about them. It will help you choose the best country to meet an Eastern European wife who can share your views of life. Hot European brides are an ocean away, and even women inside this region vary drastically.

Not everyone understands the nature and souls of beautiful European women, which creates myths and stereotypes. Let's explore and debunk some common ones to help you know the real tea about charming European brides.

They are overly dominant when it comes to family issues

European women (especially Slavic girls) tend to be independent, and even if they choose a partner for life, they donโ€™t give up on this lifestyle. It is rather a myth than reality; yet you still can meet women who prefer to discuss every single decision related to the family in detail and share their views on problems they see.

European women use mail order bride services to find a sponsor

Itโ€™s a huge misconception about many hot Eastern European brides. It can be true for some, but most Eastern European women want love and are not just looking for rich foreign men.

The only thing they want is Green Card

Only people who know nothing about the concept of mail order brides from Eastern Europe can assume that ladies only want to immigrate. But in reality, such countries as France, Switzerland, Norway, and other countries of this region have nothing to run from.

European women for marriage: Are they really that good? Why?

Are hot European brides really worth dating? We believe that they are โ€” and here, you will find the 3 most important reasons why you should spend your time dating beautiful mail-order brides from Eastern Europe

European ladies are beautiful

We canโ€™t describe all European brides here, of course โ€” some of the European beauties have blonde hair and the others have dark hair, some of them have Nordic facial features while the others have Slavic or Germanic facial features, etc. But the absolute majority of local women take care of themselves.


Eastern European brides are strong and independent

European wives are not passive and weak โ€” so if you are searching for a shy and submissive wife, Eastern European women are probably not the best choice for you. But if you are looking for an independent woman, the European region is your best option. These women have their life goals and know how to achieve them, hotties from European countries are not afraid to do things alone, and they are not scared of making their own decisions.

But they are also feminine

The previous fact doesnโ€™t in any way mean that European beauties are not feminine. They have all those traits that are traditionally cited as feminine (e.g. sensitivity and gentleness). A typical Eastern European woman can be soft and charming, and at the same time elegant.

What makes European brides for marriage search for a foreign man?

When we are talking about traditional and conservative regions, such as the Arabian peninsula or Southeastern Asia, itโ€™s simple โ€” these foreign brides want to find a guy from abroad to leave their poor countries. But when it comes to Europe, itโ€™s definitely not about economic reasons.

There is actually no one clear reason why Western European and Slavic women are looking for a foreigner. Some of them want to move to the United States or another country just to try something different, the others believe that American men are real gentlemen who treat their women properly and respect equal rights at the same time. But many women from Europe simply want to try dating a foreigner, thatโ€™s all. They want to date a foreign man because, well, why not?


Where to find European mail order brides?

Ladies from Europe charm men with their unique beauty and charm, which is why requests of 'how to find a foreign bride' or 'how to marry a foreign woman' from this region are so popular on Google. If you are one of the singles that don't know how to meet foreign girl from Europe, keep on reading and get all your questions answered.

Basically, you have two optionsโ€”traveling to one of the countries or trying online dating. If you choose the first option, youโ€™ll get:

  • Great vacation in the old city
  • Time off work and new experiences
  • But it can be costly
  • No guarantee that you meet European singles looking for foreign husbands

So, if the first option doesn't work for you, you can choose the second option.

Online dating European girls

There are many online dating platforms that you can consider. They can be of such types:

  • International marriage agencies online. They work as matchmakers and help to find a European bride that is the best option for you. Matrimonial services do all the search work for you.
  • International dating sites. These sites have beautiful not only Eastern European women, but also brides from other countries.
  • Mono-national dating sites. A mail-order bride platform can help you meet a Ukrainian bride or Slavic brides in general, depending on a particular dating site you choose.

Stop wondering how to marry a foreign girl and explore your options and find charming brides from Europe.

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Best European countries to meet European women for marriage

Each of the European and Eastern European countries has amazing women that are worth your attention. But some countries are more popular than others, so let's make a rating of the best countries to get a hot European bride.

Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Dating a Northern Irish or British woman for marriage is not the same as getting an Eastern European bride. There is no language barrier, similar mentality, andโ€ฆ Their accent is so sexy that fewer people can stand that.


The nordic beauty of Swedish women for marriage is dazzling; blond hair, pale skin, and ocean-blue eyes are incredible. Besides, if you date European girl from this country you get an IKEA discount or slap on your chick for such a joke.


Harsh accent but soft people. The land where all fairytales start is also the home country of one of the most desired women for marriage from Irelandโ€”the Ice queens with mesmerizing eyes.ย 


Stunning Ukrainian women for marriage are perfect for serious relationships. In general, women from Eastern Europe are traditional, hard-working, and are good mothers and wives. And after you try her borsch or varenyky for the first time, you'll be ready to marry.


If you get an Eastern European woman from this country you'll always catch the envious eye of men strangers. Russian brides look like models and usually don't even realize how amazing they are.

Both Northern and Eastern Europe are worth exploring if you want to get the hottest European bride.

How to choose the right European mail order wives website

It's not rocket science โ€” you won't need to spend long hours choosing the right European mail order brides website. Just follow these 4 tips and everything will be great!

  • First, check the safety of the site. If everything is ok with safety, the website is most likely worth your time and money. You will have to check the SSL certificate and an antivirus certificate (if any).
  • Then, anti-fraud policy. Are the Eastern European girls real on this website? Does this site have a good anti-scam filter? Do women have to provide scans of their IDs to sign up? If there are three โ€œyesโ€, this website is 100% safe and trusted.
  • Youโ€™ll also have to check the number of communication methods. If a dating platform is good, it must have a video chat and a live chat.
  • And then, price. Is this website too expensive or too cheap? Well, then you probably should ignore it. Read the reviews and check out the pricing policies of at least a few dating websites to understand the price range.

Yes, itโ€™s totally legal. You will have no problems with dating, marrying, and taking your Eastern European bride to your country. If we are talking about the United States, hereโ€™s another piece of good news for you: your Eastern European wife will be able to get a Green card without any legal problems (if your marriage is โ€œrealโ€, of course).


Top 3 tips for dating European women

Follow these tips and date European brides like a pro!

  • Learn the language. Whether itโ€™s German, Polish, Ukrainian, or French, the advice stays the same โ€” European girls love it when a man can say at least several phrases in their native language.
  • Read about local customs and about the local dating etiquette. As weโ€™ve said, the dating etiquette is totally different in Europe, so you should familiarize yourself with the dating traditions of a certain country so you don't do anything awkward.
  • Show respect and be a gentleman. Sounds obvious? Well, that's the one piece of advice that works for everyone, in every country, and with every woman.

We hope that the info we've collected for you was useful and now you're ready to start dating European girls! Don't hesitate to do this: there are plenty of single Western men who are currently on their way to a dating site or Europe, seeking for a perfect bride. Don't miss your perfect woman!

European wedding traditions

If you want to marry a European woman, you should get familiar with her local wedding traditions first.

Ring exchange

It is an important part of a wedding ceremony. After both foreign bride and groom say their vows, they exchange their wedding rings. This tradition is the symbol of creating a new family.

Bride kidnapping

Bachelorette parties in Europe differ from those youโ€™ve used to see in Canada or the USA. Friends and relatives who organize a party may kidnap a bride at any time of the day. However, don't confuse this tradition with marriage by abduction. Bride kidnapping in Europe is organized just for fun.

European brides walk down the aisle with grooms

Unlike in the USA and Canada, a bride doesn't walk down the aisle with her father. People in Europe believe that husband and wife are equal. That is why they start the wedding ceremony hand in hand.

Many toasts

European people know how to spice up any wedding. It is difficult to imagine a celebration without toasts and long speeches.


The integral part of each European wedding is a cake. Usually, it is frosted in white. However, the colors and flavors of the cake may differ depending on the country.

The gift or giving

In some countries, the guests should pay to dance with a bride. This is an excellent way to contribute to the newly-created family.

What makes a European woman the best wife?

European women are the most desired wives among men worldwide. There are numerous reasons for that:

Eastern European girls are reliable

Once you marry a woman from Europe, you will always have a loving partner and a caring friend at hand. These ladies are perfect lovers, mothers, and housewives. Your home will always be infused with a peaceful atmosphere, tasty dinner, and happy children.

They are hard-working

The majority of European ladies obtain a good education and struggle to build their careers. However, unlike Western ladies, they don't focus on their work alone. These women can keep a perfect balance. Besides, they make a worthy contribution to the family budget, which is something Western men like.

European women are excellent mothers

Although women from Europe are relatively strict with their children, they perfectly care for them. They teach their kids to be respectful, patient, and well-educated.

They are excellent cooks

European cuisine is well recognized all over the world. You will be amazed by what your wife will offer you for dinner. Whether you are a pizza or pasta lover, you can ask your sweetheart to cook it for you.

Your first date with the European girl

Are you wondering how to organize the first date night to leave your girlfriend in awe? If you want to spice up this event with unusual moments and extraordinary activities, these tips will come in handy.

Invite your girl to eat out

Choose a cozy restaurant or cafรฉ to spend an evening with your sweetheart. Pick a place with pleasant music, which won't disrupt your conversation. ย If you've already known the preferences of your partner, you can pick a restaurant with a particular cuisine to impress her even more.

Prepare a small gift

If you want to make a positive impression on your lady, you can prepare a small souvenir that will reflect the start of your relationship. It can be a snow globe, a vintage heart-shaped jewelry box, a teddy bear, etc. Avoid presenting expensive items on the first date since it may confuse your partner.

Make the conversation flow

Common preferences create deeper connections. That is why you will need to prepare beforehand to avoid silent moments during your dinner. Ask your lady about her interests, desires, and expectations.

Amaze her with a good joke

European women have an excellent sense of humor, so feel free to jazz up your conversation with a couple of jokes. Make sure you are kidding to the point in order not to seem weird. Avoid vulgar phrases since European ladies are too elegant to listen to obscenities.ย 

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Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team.ย Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team.ย Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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