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Irish Brides

Easy-going and cheerful, Irish mail order brides know how to make your relationship wholesome and fun.

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Who Irish Brides Really Are And Why Are They So Attractive?

Irish brides are very popular among single Western men for a bunch of reasons. Irish ladies are gorgeous. They usually have plump lips, fair skin, lots of freckles, beautiful green or gray eyes, and red hair. Their positive, cheerful, and humorous character traits will make every partner near them happy. Music, dances, and fun are the national tradition of Ireland. Irish women are amiable, festive, and open-minded. The majority of Irish girls are kind, loving, caring, and beautiful ladies who want to start a family with a reliable, confident, and strong man. English is their native language; that’s why Irish women are among the best brides for international marriages. Irish girls are super sweet and cute. They always smile and make fun, even in the most difficult situation. Here are some peculiar traits of character that make Irish girls stand out.

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Extremely charming

No matter if the girl you are hanging out with is breathtakingly beautiful or average, you will still find her extremely charming. Irish girls resemble little kids who always smile and laugh at your jokes even though they might not be funny at all. They are super sweet and fun to be around, and every second you spend with such a girl is going to be a blessing.

Social butterflies

If you have been dating an Irish girl, you probably already know that they are sociable and like going out with their friends every other day. It doesn’t mean that an Irish girl for marriage is irresponsible and reckless. However, she likes socializing and spending her free time in pubs. She definitely not the type who would watch Netflix on Saturday nights. At the same time, if you are out-going person yourself, then there’s no one better than an Irish woman for you.


Irish mail order brides like black humor

An Irish woman for marriage might seem super sweet and cute, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like black humor. Your Irish girlfriend is very likely to be that girl from Hozier’s song: “My lover's got humor/ She's the giggle at a funeral/ Knows everybody's disapproval” Certainly, she wouldn’t giggle at a funeral, and she will definitely support you when the dark times come, but she takes life and death easy, and she doesn’t see anything bad in black humor. Moreover, if you like black humor as well, Irish girl is the right choice for you.

Irish girls for marriage love to dispute

Those who are lucky enough to have an Irish wife know how much these ladies like arguing. At the same time, these women don’t like pointless fights, they only argue when they know they are a hundred percent right and want to persuade you in their truth. For these ladies, constructive debate is the way to solve all the problems. It’s important to understand they do not like fights — they like disputes.

Fascinated with the past

Vintage cars, clothing, interior, etc. — these women are simply crazy about everything ancient and old-fashioned. They love talking about how people lived in the past, visiting castles and museums, watching historical documentaries, and reading books about civilization. This makes these women rather interesting to talk to, especially if you are into history as well. So you’ll never get bored with such a woman.

Loving and caring

Irish women appreciate their friends and family, and they’ll do anything for the ones they love. In a relationship, such a woman makes sure that her significant other is getting everything he needs. Without exaggeration, she’ll do anything for you as long as it makes you happy. Your Irish mail order wife is very likely to be the one who would take care of you when you are sick and support you when you are at your worst. Of course, she senses when a person starts using her generosity and love to their advantage, in which case she will immediately end the relationship since nobody loves to be used.


Up to everything fun

Irish brides are always up to have some fun. Unplanned trips and exciting adventures are all about them. So in case, you feel like you need a girlfriend who would both go hiking and dance the night away in a night club with you, this girl is the one for you.

Marriage and family for an Irish woman

Family is a top priority for most Irish ladies. Ireland has one of the youngest populations in the world. According to the statistics, the current birth rate for Ireland in 2020 is 12.352 births per 1000 people, and at the same time, the divorce rate in this country is relatively low. It is also considered one of the best countries for gender equality in the world.

How to tell whether your Irish mail order bride is in love with you?

Irish women are dangerously charming. Dangerously because sometimes it’s hard to say whether she really likes you or just being nice to you. So in order to find this out, pay attention to the following signs:

  • She texts or calls you first.
  • Your Irish girlfriend is genuinely interested in your personality and asks a lot of personal questions.
  • You’ve seen her sad and vulnerable.
  • She offers you her help whenever you need it.
  • Your sweetheart spends her prime time (Friday nights and weekends) with you.
  • She makes little romantic surprises for you.

These are the major signs, which show your Irish girlfriend’s feelings and intentions about you. So in case you can relate to at least half of them, you can be sure that she really likes you.

Irish wives’ expectations in love

It goes without saying that these awesome girls have their own demands as well. So here’s what they look for in men.

  • Sense of humor. These fantastic women like having fun, and they need a partner who would make them laugh. Moreover, these ladies like black humor, so they expect you to be cool with jokes about death, terminal diseases, and funerals.
  • Sociability. Irish women don’t like men who are too serious and always concentrated on their job. They need a partner who is just as easy-going as they are.
  • Devotion. These ladies expect a man to dedicate his free time to them and their family, so if family life is not your priority yet, then such a woman is simply not for you.
  • Financial stability. Just like many other women, Irish brides want to be sure that their husband earns enough to provide for their future family.
  • Intelligence. Irish girls like intelligent men with whom they will be able to talk about pretty much everything. Of course, you don’t have to be a genius to be interesting for her, but education will be a plus.

Tips for winning an Irish girl over

Last but not least, let us have a look at the ultimate tips that will help you conquer your Irish girlfriend’s heart:

  • Don’t be afraid to be silly, make jokes and be fun with her.
  • Be there for her when she needs your help and support.
  • Show her that you like black humor.
  • Be romantic and tender with her and make some romantic surprises for her.
  • Do not abandon her for days or weeks, call her, text her, and take her out frequently.
  • Try to give her the sense of security when she is with you.

Final thoughts

Irish women for marriage are all about fun. At the same time, they are ready for committed relationships and marriage. Once you put a ring on her finger, you shouldn’t be afraid of your fiancée becoming boring because this is the type of girl who remains fun even when she’s eighty. These women are loving, caring, hilarious, and simply great, which means that marrying one is going to be perhaps the best decision in your life. So go ahead and register on an online dating platform and start looking for your perfect Irish girl today.

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Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team. Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team. Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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