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Irish Brides

Easy-going and cheerful, Irish mail order brides know how to make your relationship wholesome and fun.

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Irish Mail Order Brides: Who Irish Brides Really Are And Why Are They So Attractive?

Wondering how and where to date Irish brides? Want to understand Irish culture and dating etiquette better? Worry that dating an Irish woman is harder than dating an American lady?ย Here, we'll tell you everything about Irish girls, their character traits, dating etiquette, and Irish wedding traditions. Rest assured, you'll find a lot of useful and interesting info about dating an Irish girl here!

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Why Are Irish Mail Order Brides Looking For Foreign Husbands?

Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries all over the globe. It has a well-developed economy, stable political situation, a good healthcare system, and awesome nature. This country gives a lot of opportunities for citizens. Nonetheless, there are a growing number of Irish mail order brides that are looking for a reliable partner to live life with. There are some reasons for that:

  • Irish women feel like they are in a cage. Although Ireland may seem a big country, it is a rather small island. Ladies who want to change their lives will hardly find a lot of options within the country. Moreover, they are often afraid to leave on their own. That is why these ladies are looking for a foreigner to look for new opportunities overseas, create a family and raise children.
  • Irish ladies want to broaden their horizons. Even if an Irish woman enjoys her life to the fullest in her country, she is still wondering what it is like to live abroad. That is why many girls from Ireland register on dating sites to find a soulmate from Western countries. They believe they can catch more opportunities abroad than in their motherland.
  • Irish men arenโ€™t focused on their families. Of course, it doesnโ€™t apply to all male representatives from Ireland. However, the majority of husbands pay much attention to their career development and entertainment rather than their relationships. This is not what Irish women are striving for. They believe that men and women should have equal division of responsibilities and both contribute to relationships. That is the reason they are looking for a man from overseas. They want to marry a caring and gentleman to live life with.
  • Women from Ireland want to bring their culture to other countries. Irish traditions are unique and if you marry an Irish lady, she will definitely incorporate the customs of her country into your everyday routine. The relationships infused by the mixture of Irish and Western cultures will certainly be full of love and extraordinary moments.

Where to find Irish women for marriage?

You can go offline if you want to โ€” Ireland is a beautiful country with friendly people and lots of cool places to visit. However, this will be quite time-consuming and rather expensive โ€” you'll need to spend at least 1 week in Ireland to meet at least a few brides. This means you'll need to bring at least $2,000 with you.

Online dating platforms look like a much better choice โ€” there are many bride/dating websites with thousands of red-haired beauties who want to meet foreigners. It's simple, fast, and very convenient โ€” you can find a bride without even leaving your home.

How to choose the perfect platform for dating Irish brides?

If you're searching for an Irish lady for marriage online, you need to make everything right โ€” and these 3 tips will help you choose the right dating site:

  • Read all the reviews you can find, both the ones written by users and the expert reviews.
  • Check the profiles of the girls looking for marriage and google their profile photos to make sure they are real.
  • Test the site and make sure it has all the services and features you need.
  • How to choose the perfect platform for dating Irish brides?

Why should you choose an Irish mail order bride?

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Irish women? If it's something like "red-haired" and "sexy", you're not alone โ€” it's one of the most common stereotypes about Irish brides. It's a true stereotype, actually โ€” 1 out of 10 Irish people really has red hair (while it's 1 out of 100 for the United States), and lots of Irish brides are really sexy and naturally attractive.


However, these are definitely not the most critical things in the world when you're looking for brides โ€” what's much more important is that Irish girls make great wives. Why are they so popular nowadays? What makes them different from other foreign brides? And why do you definitely need to go the Irish way? The answers are right here.

Irish ladies are known for great honor, love, and loyalty

If you're searching for a woman to have a serious relationship with, Ireland might not look like the first choice โ€” but Irish mail order brides are certainly worth it. First of all, it's about one of the most common Irish personality traits โ€” Irish brides put honor before everything else and they are extremely loyal to their partners. The concept of family honor is considered very important in Ireland (but it has nothing to do with how it works in patriarchal societies where women are often not seen as independent individuals).

As for loyalty, Ireland always makes it to the top lists of the countries with the least % of cheaters โ€” according to the latest survey (2020), only 15% of Irish people cheated on their partners!

Irish mail order brides are very loyal, honourable, and supportive โ€” having an Irish wife means having a partner who will not only be faithful but also be on your side. That's the view most Irish girls share โ€” in this regard, they are very similar to Eastern European brides (especially Slavic brides). That's why foreign men leave their own country and go to Ireland to meet Irish brides โ€” but that's not the only reason why they do it.ย 

Sexuality and up-to-date approach towards relationships

Although Irish women may seem rather conservative, they still follow dating trends. They are open to discussion, compromise, and new experiments. Once you marry an Irish wife, you will always discuss your intimate life to bring it to the notch. Nevertheless, these ladies follow traditional principles about gender role attitudes across family members.

Irish girls are great conversationalists

Once you initiate a conversation with a woman from Ireland, you will need just a couple of minutes to realize that she is smart, talkative, and quick-witted. Irish women maintain a perfect balance of a good sense of humor, frankness, and intelligence. They are very open and reliable, so you can confide your deeper secrets to her sweetheart.


Regardless of the topic you discuss, Irish girls can make any conversation flow. You can talk with your Irish girlfriend for hours and never get bored. Moreover, even if you are a taciturn person, your Irish bride will do her best to carry a compelling conversation and make you smile.

Irish mail order brides have serious intentions

Irish women donโ€™t want to play games. You will hardly find an Irish lady looking for a one-night stand. They are striving for serious relationships and a healthy atmosphere in their families. When it comes to picking a potential partner, they have a lot of demands. Before creating a deeper connection, an Irish woman should be sure that this man meets all her preferences and is the one she wants to share her life with. You should make much effort to win the heart of a lady from Ireland.

They have an extremely charming and unique appearance

Many men worldwide are confused with the stereotypes about the appearance of Irish women. They think the majority of ladies have red hair, green eyes, and pale skin. However, Irish women are pretty different. Although the majority of ladies have sensitive and pale skin, red or brown hair, and natural blush on their faces, each of them has a unique appearance.They take care of their body, live an active lifestyle, go in for sports and follow a healthy lifestyle. That is why most women from Ireland are fit and attractive โ€” and that is why it isnโ€™t surprising Western men are searching for Irish mail order brides.

Interesting facts about typical Irish woman

Loyal, family-oriented, hot โ€” Irish brides are certainly worth dating. However, the mail order brides from Ireland are actually much deeper than that and there are lots of cool and interesting things you need to know about these women. Like, did you know they have a special relationship with tea? Or that their sense of humour is quite dark? We'll tell you everything about it here!

Great passion for tea

Every Irish bride loves tea. They prefer tea to coffee (even in the mornings!), drink tea at sleepovers with friends, and have a lot of classic Irish treats that go perfectly with tea. Of course, a tea room is a perfect option for the first date with the Irish brides. Ireland's tea consumption is even higher (per capita) than that of England!

The Craic

When Irish people say "what's the craic", this means "what's going on". But the concept of Craic is much deeper than simple small talk. The Craic (pronounced "crack") is a special Irish social pleasure and one of the coolest things about Ireland for a foreigner. It's a complex concept that means "fun" or "good time" โ€” it's when you enjoy the company of your friends (or people you've never met before), have fun with them, and enjoy the atmosphere.


Suppose you enter a pub in Dublin, or any other place in Ireland. If every person there has a friendly face and shakes your hand, it's a good craic. When you have a date with an Irish bride, meet her friends, and enjoy the atmosphere, it's a good craic, too.

Fascinated with the past

Vintage cars, clothing, interior, etc. โ€” hot Irish women are crazy about everything ancient and old-fashioned. They love talking about how people lived in the past, visiting castles and museums, watching historical documentaries, and reading books about civilization. This makes Irish women rather interesting to talk to, especially if you are into history as well. So youโ€™ll never get bored with your Irish bride!


Here's another important thing all the foreign men need to understand about Irish wives for marriage: their sense of humour is quite unique. Dark jokes, "your mama" jokes, wordplay jokes, sarcasm, etc โ€” foreign men who don't know about this feature might feel offended, but you shouldn't take offence if you hear any of these. That's just the way it works in Ireland.

Marriage and family for an Irish woman

Family is a top priority for most Irish ladies. Ireland has one of the youngest populations in the world. According to the statistics, the current birth rate for Ireland in 2020 is 12.352 births per 1000 people, and at the same time, the divorce rate in this country is relatively low. It is also considered one of the best countries for gender equality in the world.

Irish wedding customs: All you need to know

First, the Claddagh rings. These are the rings passed from Irish mothers to their daughters. These rings have clasped hands on them and it's one of the oldest Irish wedding traditions.

Then, music. If there is live music at the Irish wedding reception, there must be a Celtic harp โ€” it's one of the national symbols of this country.

A bride's bouquet should consist of the flowers traditionally considered lucky (shamrocks).

There must be something blue โ€” it's not that Irish newlyweds wear blue dresses and shirts, of course, but blue is considered lucky for Irish brides. So it's important to include some blue elements if you're planning a wedding.

How to tell whether your Irish mail order bride is in love with you?

Obviously, Irish mail order brides are different from American women โ€” but they are not so different when it comes to expressing their feelings. These are the 3 signs that will help you understand your Irish bride is in love with you!

  • If your Irish bride touches you and laughs at your jokes, she is 100% attracted.
  • If you hear something about meeting Irish bride parents, this means she is in love and wants a serious relationship with you.
  • If an Irish mail order wife talks about marriage, wedding day, house chores, kids, or honeymoon โ€” well, you know what it means. ย 

Irish wivesโ€™ expectations in love

It goes without saying that these awesome girls have their own demands as well. So hereโ€™s what they look for in men.

  • Sense of humor. These fantastic women like having fun, and they need a partner who would make them laugh. Moreover, these ladies like black humor, so they expect you to be cool with jokes about death, terminal diseases, and funerals.
  • Sociability. Irish women donโ€™t like men who are too serious and are always concentrated on their job. They need a partner who is just as easy-going as they are.
  • Devotion. These ladies expect a man to dedicate his free time to them and their family, so if family life is not your priority yet, then such a woman is simply not for you.
  • Financial stability. Just like many other women, Irish brides want to be sure that their husband earns enough to provide for their future family.
  • Intelligence. Irish girls like intelligent men with whom they will be able to talk about pretty much everything. Of course, you donโ€™t have to be a genius to be interesting to her, but education will be a plus.

Tips for winning over an Irish girl

Last but not least, let us have a look at the ultimate tips that will help you conquer the heart of your Irish bride:

  • Donโ€™t be afraid to be silly, make jokes and be fun with her.
  • Show your Irish bride that you like black humor.
  • Be romantic and tender with her and make some romantic surprises for her.
  • Try to give her a sense of security when she is with you.
  • Respect her family. This can be difficult because her extended family (especially the Irish bride parents) can be a bit traditional and strict, but this will go away as long as you live like a married couple, not a hook-up.

Final thoughts

Irish brides are just perfect โ€” they are very attractive, smart, strong, and very loyal to their partners. If their dark sense of humor and devotedness to family doesn't scare you, don't waste your time โ€” just sign up on one of those Irish bride services and start chatting with these ladies today!

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Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team.ย Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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Dave Miles

Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team.ย Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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