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Swedish Brides

Meet The Most Charming Scandinavian Women

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Swedish Mail Order Brides: The Love You Never Had

How to find the right person and finally start a happy, healthy relationship? Well, some believe that the secret is in realizing what exactly you look for in a partner and looking for a person who'd meet these criteria. That's what international dating is about โ€” you choose a region, consider national traits and characteristics of local women and assess the likelihood of finding an ideal match there.

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There is a new trend in this industry โ€” more and more men start looking not only for Slavic or Asian women but also for singles living in other western countries. Swedish brides are now some of the most popular western girls. But why do Swedish ladies look for husbands in other countries and why are men seeking a Swedish wife? How can they meet each other and how western guys can win the hearts of gorgeous Scandinavian women? Find all the answers in this guide!

What are Swedish women for marriage like?

What is the chance that guys who want to meet beautiful Swedish women will find an ideal match in this country? There is no single answer to this question โ€” every man should find the answer himself.


Our goal is to provide information about Swedish beauties and help one decide if he can really find love in Sweden. So, just take a look at some characteristics and traits of pretty Swedish girls โ€” they will help you understand if a Swedish bride may be a woman of your dreams.

Swedish mail order brides love adventures

The people of Sweden are environmentally conscious and they love adventuring in the wilds, the country is very beautiful and it encourages the natural environment. So if you are a young adventurer looking for a Swedish bride, donโ€™t miss your chance to visit the Swedish Alps, where you can get a great opportunity to accomplish both goals simultaneously.

Swedish wives look amazing

It's hard to deny that Swedish brides are not like girls from Eastern European countries or Asian brides. They are more westernized, and you can easily notice it. This is reflected in everything, including how Swedish women look. They are naturally beautiful, have gorgeous hair (not always blonde hair, though โ€” about 50% of Sweden girls are brunettes), beautiful facial features, fit bodies, and well, they don't care much about that! Let us explain โ€” they don't wear high heels and a lot of makeup all the time to impress someone because they accept themselves and love themselves. Some may think that's rather a disadvantage than an advantage, but in fact, these girls look amazing even in jeans, T-shirts, and without any makeup! According to men who've already found their ideal Swedish mail order brides, this trait makes them look even more attractive!

Swedish females are sexually liberated

Swedish mail order brides are not like girls from countries where premarital sex is taboo. They talk about sex, they have sex if they like a man, and they don't think that something is wrong with it. Gender equality is one of the essential values in this society, and women in Sweden are just more liberated, and that's the good news for most guys who look for an open-minded Swedish mail order wife.

Swedish brides are highly educated

You'll hardly meet Swedish brides who don't have at least a bachelor's degree. The educational system in Sweden works perfectly, and this is the country with one of the highest numbers of female students in the world. Again, that's very good news for men, actually โ€” most guys are looking for a wife who'd be able to talk about anything, from politics to environmental issues, and Sweden is just an ideal place to meet such a woman.


Swedish girls for marriage are self-sufficient

As we have noted before, Sweden is a modern and developed country where gender equality is a norm. Swedish brides don't look for benefactors โ€” they are looking for love. Swedish wives have their own careers, interests, goals, and well, their own money. That gives them freedom โ€” they don't start a relationship because a man is rich and don't have to be obedient to afford things they could never afford before, and that attracts a lot of men who dream of meeting a loving Swedish wife, not a girl who'd just dream of getting a husband's money and a Green Card.

Swedish partners can be a bit aloof

Initially, most Swedish women may seem a little cold and reluctant to open up to you especially if you are a stranger. This is normal behavior and it actually helps to test your resolve. So, hang in there.

They are quite fearless and adventurous even in relationships. However, they will take their time to ascertain if you are a good match for them.

Enjoy their culture and try not to be intimidated by them and try to impress her with your substance.

Swedish ladies love to talkโ€ฆa lot

As we've mentioned before, Swedish brides are well-educated, smart, confident, and very friendly. They love to meet new people and discuss various topics, from politics to sex. With Swedish ladies, you won't have one of those boring dates when you two are just eating pasta, drinking wine, and looking at each other asking and answering those common questions about education and family. You can expect to have an interesting intellectual discourse, and that's a big bonus for men who use international dating sites to meet a not only beautiful but also fun, smart, approachable, and open-minded person who values a good talk and loves exchanging opinions on various topics.

Ways to meet Swedish girls for marriage

If you want to meet a Swedish lady, learn these proven ways to organize your dating experience safely and effectively.

  1. Dating platforms. This is one of the easiest and most popular ways to build a rapport with a Swedish woman. The modern market offers a rich array of dating sites for different categories of users. You just need to use their tools to search for a perfect lady and create a connection. Use the messaging options available on the platform to ensure a safe dating experience.
  2. Matrimonial services cater to the needs of those who are looking for a Swedish bride for sale. The main goal of such services is to connect two singles who want to get married. The agencies will provide the applications of ladies who have serious intentions and are ready to share their life experiences with a foreigner. Once you have professional matrimonial help at hand, finding a perfect bride will be a breeze.
  3. Visit Sweden. This way is more effective than previous ones since you can interact with a woman in person. Once you keep eye contact, touch, and kiss each other, you will better understand whether your relationships have a future. Go to public places, restaurants, cafes, local pools to meet ladies. Donโ€™t be afraid to make the first move. Your future bride will certainly appreciate it.

Which way to choose? It's up to you. Consider your plans and goals, and make a decision. Still, if you aren't going to move to Sweden in the nearest future, looking for Swedish wives online, on one of the safe (that's incredibly important) and reputable dating websites might be the best option.

How to successfully land a Swedish bride

Let's say you've decided to join one of the dating sites to meet gorgeous Sweden women. What's next? As we've already mentioned, there is no way you can attract young Swedish women with your money or social status โ€” girls from this country don't care much about such things, they are just looking for an ideal match who'll meet their own criteria. Hence, you'll need to get the attention of a Sweden mail order bride and attract her somehow. Is it hard? Not really, especially if you know some insights into a Swedish dating culture, and we've listed the most important ones below.

Getting a Swedish girl to hook up with you is not as complicated as it may initially seem. Here are a few points to note:

  • Have a great sense of humor. It has been proven that a heightened sense of humor is a good indication of high intelligence, which most girls find attractive, this includes Swedish women. In addition, try to stick with clean jokes.
  • Be respectful. Try not to make any inappropriate remarks to a Swedish woman; they take offense when someone shows them blatant disrespect.
  • On the first date, try to feel her out. Every Swedish girl is unique in her own way, so try to find out what exactly she is attracted to in a man.
  • Show genuine interest in what she has to say, be attentive and patient. Show you actually care for more than just her body.
  • Be mysterious. A mysterious man is irresistible to most women and that goes for Swedish mail order brides as well.
  • Be confident. Let her know that you believe in yourself. And take charge, but be careful not to relegate her to the background; you will lose her that way.
  • Show her a good time, she most certainly wants to experience life to the fullest, so do not be a bore. Plan exciting things and trips for both of you.
  • And finally, when it goes down in the bedroom, try not to be a selfish lover. Be attentive to her needs and listen to her body.

Swedish mail order bride cost

A lot of people believe that the term mail order bride refers to a woman who "sells" herself on one of the dating websites, through agencies, etc. It's not true โ€” in the modern world, this word is used to identify women who date internationally and look for serious relationships. Simply put, these are women looking for foreign husbands (often western men) online.

There is no fixed price for Swedish brides or anything like that. Meeting them, however, is not entirely free. After all, a man needs to pay for membership/credits on a dating site that will connect him with Sweden mail order brides and for trips to Sweden. Why go there? Well, you can meet Swedish women online, but if you want to marry one of them, you'll need to prove that you two have an authentic romantic relationship and that you've met each other in real life within the previous two years. On top of that, marrying someone without meeting this person is a bad idea. So, how much do online dating and trips to Sweden cost?

Cost of online dating

It depends on the site that you choose. Best dating sites fall under two categories: platforms that sell credits and platforms that sell premium membership plans.

The costs of credits, as well as the cost of services themselves (live chat, video chat, watching videos, calls), vary. For example, on one website, you can pay $0,5 for credit and 10 credits for 30 minutes of live chat. On another platform, you'll pay $2 dollars for credit and 0,5 credit for 30 minutes of live chat. A lot depends on your dating style: how many Sweden women you contact, which tools you use, etc. Still, most men spend $50-$150 per month on the top mail order bride sites.

The costs of premium membership plans vary, too. For example, Premium on one site may cost you $30 per month, and Platinum on another platform can cost you $100 per month.

As you can see, it's pretty hard to say how much you'll spend on dating Sweden brides online. Generally speaking, most men meet their ideal Sweden girl within a year and spend about $100 per month. Hence, you can expect to spend about $1,200 on online dating.

Cost of traveling to Sweden

As we've mentioned above, Swedish women can't just go to another country to meet someone they've never met in real life (and if they could, they'd hardly agree to do it). In 99% of cases, men buy tickets and go to Sweden to meet their mail order brides. Here are the approximate costs of such trips (for 2 weeks):

  • Flight โ€” $600
  • Hotel โ€” $1,800
  • Food โ€” $500

One two-week trip is likely to cost you about $3,000. If we assume that you go to Sweden twice and stay for two weeks each time, you'll spend about $6,000 on trips.


So, how much do Sweden mail order brides cost? If you use a mid-range site and aren't a too demanding traveler, the total cost will be about $7,000.

Swedish wedding traditions

If youโ€™ve built strong connections with your Swedish spouse, youโ€™ll probably need to learn everything about Swedish wedding traditions. Swedish women value the marriage rituals of their country and, most likely, will want to incorporate them into your ceremony. Here are 7 wedding traditions you should learn before asking your Swedish girlfriend to marry you.

  • Bridal and Groomโ€™s party. Swedish people usually celebrate their last days of being single at the bachelorette and bachelor parties. Usually, these events are secretly organized by the brideโ€™s or groomโ€™s friends.
  • Limited wedding entourage. Swedish wedding ceremonies donโ€™t include too many participants. The bride and groom normally have one bridesmaid and groomsman. The other friends can participate in the ceremony just like guests.
  • Three wedding rings. The distinctive feature of a Swedish wedding is that the bride has three rings, such as engagement, wedding, and motherhood. Grooms usually have one ring for a wedding.
  • Walking arm-in-arm toward the altar. Wedding couples walk down the aside together to highlight the equality of both man and woman.
  • Wedding kisses. Aside from a groom, any guest who attends the post-ceremony party can try to sneak in a quick kiss from the bride. But this can happen only when a groom looks away or leaves the room.
  • The bride keeps her flowers. Swedish brides skip the tradition of tossing their bouquets to unmarried women. Instead, they preserve their wedding bouquet as a keepsake.
  • Traditional wedding party. Swedish people do the most to keep the celebration vivid and fun. Mouthwatering meals, different snaps, jokes, songs, and joyful dances โ€“ you will remember your wedding day for the rest of your life.

Red flags in a relationship with Swedish women

You can choose the best website ever and search for the best matches using tons of filters. But unfortunately, there's always a chance that something will go wrong. In this case, you just need to forget about this girl and start contacting other Sweden brides. So, what are the signs that you'll hardly have a relationship with a particular girl from Sweden?

  • She shows no real interest in your life and personality.
  • She disappears for weeks and then says something like sorry, I was too busy.
  • She says that she loves you too fast, literally in a few days.
  • She asks for money.
  • She finds lots of excuses not to have a video chat or at least send you a few pictures.
  • She is talking about Swedish guys and her exes all the time.
  • She has a low effort profile or the information in her profile doesn't match what she tells about herself and her life.

These are the signs that you may be wasting your time with this woman. There are many Swedish girls who are using dating services to find a real match and they're motivated to interact with guys, get closer, learn more about them. By the way, some of these scenarios are pretty common for scammers. Let's suppose a girl has a low-effort profile, asks you for money, tries to gain your trust at all costs (in particular, by saying that you're the love of her life in a few days after you've met each other). Well, she's likely to be a scammer. The chance of meeting a fraud on a good dating website is pretty small, but you still need to be careful.


Dating a Swedish girl is a dream come true for most men in the west, but most are usually lost on how to actually go about finding a Swedish woman for marriage. That is why we have provided this service for men like you. So what are you waiting for?

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Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team.ย Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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Dave Miles

Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team.ย Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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