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British Brides

Looking for some information on how to date the British brides? We’ll tell you everything you need here!

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British Mail Order Brides: How to Find a Girl for Marriage from UK?

Over 9 million British women use dating sites to find ideal matches, and over a thousand British girls marry western men from other countries yearly. So, can we call them British mail order brides? How can men meet them and is it worth it? That's exactly what we are going to discuss in this guide.

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Who are British girls for marriage?

The term 'British mail order brides' refers to British women who, for certain reasons, want to find, date, and marry men from other countries and look for future husbands online. Contrary to popular belief, ladies who want to date internationally do it not for money, stability, or a Green Card—British brides usually join global dating websites just because they are attracted to foreign men. They believe that it'll be much easier for them to find a decent man using advanced matching services in the community of men who are ready to settle down and start a family.

Do British women like American men?

Let's talk about the reasons why a British bride may start looking for a match in the United States. Most British girls who use international dating services note that they find American guys:

  • More physically attractive due to ethnic mixing (British society is a homogeneous society) and sports.
  • More dedicated and productive. Many British women believe that Americans work harder and are generally more successful, which is also considered attractive.
  • More honest, sincere, and open-minded than British men.

Yes, these are the fairly simple reasons that make hot British women look for an ideal match in the US, yet they are compelling enough for singles to change their views on a relationship.

What is the main challenge of dating British brides?

When we are talking about other countries (especially about Asian, Eastern European, or South American countries), it’s usually the language barrier that puts a lot of pressure on those who date women from the regions we’ve mentioned before. When it comes to the United Kingdom, well, it’s not a problem you have to deal with. Women from GB speak English and the only problem you might have is understanding the British accent, but it’s not a very complex task, innit?

The only problem is that UK girls for marriage are different from their American counterparts which means they will have to adapt to a new country and it will take some time for you and a British mail order bride to get to know each other better. According to the statistics, it usually takes 6-12 months for an immigrant to adapt to a new culture and to a new way of living. This works for immigrants from all over the world, but taking into account the cultural similarities, you can divide this time by two!

Why should you choose a British mail order bride?

You’ve probably heard about beautiful Latina women, family-oriented Slavic brides, and exotic Asian singles. But British women? What is their secret? Why are they worth dating and why you just can’t miss them? Continue reading and find the answers!

They are fun and open-minded

And when we say “open-minded” it's not just about new ideas and things, it's also about physique. British brides are approachable, easy to talk to, and this is what makes them extremely attractive!

They are self-confidence

British women believe in their abilities. They feel self-assured and confident. They don’t delegate important tasks to others. The majority of British brides are well-educated and communicative, so you will always find what to talk about. Your British girlfriend will never get you bored.

They are honest

And when we say “open-minded” it's not just about new ideas and things, it's also about physique. They are approachable, easy to talk to, and this is what makes them extremely attractive!

They have a good sense of humor

British wives like to joke around and do it pretty well. Moreover, they cut the tension in awkward situations thanks to their drollness and calmness. Your wife will always find the right words to find positive factors in any tough situation.

They are hard-workers

Aside from being excellent housewives, British women work hard to build their careers. They do their best to support their families and ensure their well-being.

They are very polite

British manners don’t change too much over generations. Ladies from the UK are polite and loyal. They think twice before giving their opinion on a particular topic. Most importantly, British wives create a peaceful atmosphere in their families.  

How much does a British mail order bride cost?

Knowing the British bride cost is the best way to enter international dating financially prepared. This is why we created an estimate of current expenses that you might have when dating and marrying British mail order brides.

  • Dating fees. The first component of British brides cost entails paid services fees, regular or premium subscriptions, messaging options and interactive features.
  • Traveling expenses. Roundtrip tickets, accommodation, meals can round up to $2.5-4K for 2 weeks. 
  • Cost of dates. Restaurants, trips, leisure time together and presents are hard to predict as everything depends on your budget. On average, singles spend around $500.
  • Visa fees. Both you and your British mail order bride need visas to visit each other. Also, a visa is required to get married. The cost will depend on a particular visa type, but for example, a K-1 fiancee visa to the US is around $800.
  • Adaptation costs. Documents, application fees, moving costs will depend on your needs and the requirements of your country. And don’t forget about a job transfer. It can add up to an extra $10-15K of the British wife cost.

Also, you need to take into consideration the wedding costs, which are $22K on average. But everything depends on the size and type of wedding you want.

Do British girls for marriage really want to date foreigners?

Yes, they do. However, there is no such phenomenon as in other mail bride countries—the United Kingdom is a rich country so English women don’t need to flee from the UK to find a better life. As we’ve noted before, it’s all about their desire to try something new (and of course, some of them just love Americans). American men are often considered to care about their appearance more, and many British brides think that men from the United States are kinder and more romantic than men from the UK. Well, it’s not that far from the truth!

Where to find British women for marriage?

Generally speaking, there are two ways to meet a British mail order bride. You can look for her online or offline.

How to meet a British woman in real life?

Of course, you can go to Britain hoping to meet an ideal British lady and marry her one day. There are no romance tours to this country, though, so there is no way you can go there, meet a lot of British brides, and then just choose one of them. Hence, migration (at least for a year or two) is the only option for those who want to meet a single British girl offline.

How to find a British wife online?

Here is the most common and effective scheme:

  1. Find at least a few (3-5) platforms that have many mail order brides from Britain
  2. Learn everything about the pricing and features
  3. Compare the options, choose the best platforms, and sign up (it's usually free) to see the profiles and make sure they are real and detail
  4. Join the best platform with great features (messaging, video chat, international calls) and detailed profiles
  5. Complete your own profile, upload photos, and use features to find an ideal British lady
  6. Start dating your ideal match and decide when you want to meet in real life

Dating British women online can be a great experience, too, especially if you choose a good dating website with plenty of useful features and real profiles.

5 factors to consider when choosing a perfect mail order bride platform with British beauties

  • Technical safety. First of all, you must find out whether the website is safe or not. It’s very simple — if a site has a valid SSL certificate (obligatory) and an anti-virus certificate (not obligatory but desirable), you can call it safe.
  • ID verification. All the top dating services have ID verification for their female members. It means that it’s impossible to create a fake female account on a website with obligatory ID verification and it’s one of the best anti-scam filters ever!
  • Reputation. It’s simple as that: a good dating site has a good reputation and hundreds of positive reviews; a bad one has negative reviews and a bad reputation. Check out the reviews and you’ll choose the right site.
  • Website interface and mobile app. It’s simple, too — if the site doesn’t have a convenient interface, it’s probably not worth your time even if everything is ok with all the other factors. The same is about the mobile app (after all, who chats via PC nowadays?)
  • Pricing policy. If it’s too expensive, don’t use it (unless you’re a billionaire). If it’s too cheap, don’t use it, too — it might be a scam.

Top 3 places to meet a beautiful British wife

Here’s a list of top 3 wonderful places to meet many gorgeous British mail order brides!


If you want to meet and date luxury women, it is a perfect city. London is the city of contrasts, and here you can meet business ladies with extra elegant hairstyles and in business suits and romantic girls in dresses and light natural makeup.


Sidmouth is a nice city that can fulfill you with the ancient spirit and old traditions of Britain. Every year, the Folk Festival takes place here and lasts for the whole week with more than 700 different events being held. You can meet beautiful girls in traditional costumes that dance to national music and sing at this festival.


If you enjoy trips to nature and the countryside, you need to visit York. Moreover, you will be impressed by local girls' beauty; these girls differ from others because they live according to old traditions, and you will run into many girls without makeup outside.

Yes, of course. You can marry a UK citizen, it's 100% legal. After that, your British mail order wife will be able to get a visa (it's called a bride visa and you two will have to prove that your marriage is real to get it). Then, she can get a Green card and after 5 years, she will be able to apply for US citizenship.

How to date a British girl for marriage?

How to meet British brides? If you’re interested in UK women dating, we’ll tell you how to meet a British woman right here! First of all, it’s recommended to focus on dating sites instead of offline dating. The point is, dating a British bride online is much easier and cheaper than doing it offline—you’ll only need to spend about $50-$70 for a 1-month premium subscription instead of spending a few thousand  dollars on tickets, hotel rooms, and restaurants. Just sign up on one of those British dating sites, chat with thousands of singles, and start dating an English girl. With dating websites, it’s simple, cheap, and very convenient.

  • Don’t stereotype. No one likes being stereotyped simply on the basis of one’s citizenship, right? English women for marriage don’t like it, too.
  • Meet your UK bride in person as soon as possible. These women don’t like playing the texting game—it's logical that you will have to play it at the beginning, but we don't recommend you to spend months on it.
  • Don’t date multiple people. It’s a huge no-no and a red flag for English mail order brides—exclusivity is not even a question here. They only see one person at a time, and so should you.
  • Don’t ask too many questions. Let’s face it, turning the first date into an interview it’s a very American thing. English girls don’t like to be interviewed on dates.

Choose a reliable website or purchase a ticket to Great Britain and find your British bride! We wish you a short path to happiness and life together with a perfect match!

European brides, and especially British mail order brides, have vast popularity among Western grooms. Moreover, thousands of men from all over the world visit the UK to find a perfect partner to live life with. Here are some reasons why.

  • Chic and glamour. British women have a sense of style and know well how to highlight their beauty. Britain is the home of numerous models, actresses, and designers. A British bride engages foreign men with their remarkable charm and self-confidence.
  • Accent. British women are known for their unique accent. Since they are excellent speakers, listening to them is a real pleasure.
  • Natural beauty. Girls from Great Britain are naturally gorgeous. They don't apply much make-up and follow a healthy lifestyle to enhance their figures. They attend gyms and fitness centers to keep fit.
  • Sexuality and modern approach towards a family. A typical British bride keeps up with modern tendencies, especially when it comes to intimate relationships. They are open to experiments. Moreover, they prefer to discuss sexual life with their partners. However, these amazing women follow traditional beliefs about gender role attitudes across family members.
  • Easy-going people. The British are well-recognized for their tolerance. They are relaxed and not prone to rigid rules. Such behavioral traits attract men who are striving for a relaxed environment at home.

Excellent housewives and moms. Despite being good workers, women from Great Britain take care of their homes and maintain healthy relationships with all family members. British parents are usually attentive, loving and caring. A British bride is likely to cook delicious meals, plan the budget ahead and keep her house clean.

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Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team. Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team. Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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