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chinese bride
Chinese Brides

Amongst all the different women from around the world, Chinese mail order brides are considered some of the most beautiful

Chinese Brides: An Oriental Treat.

The People’s Republic of China or “China” as it is popularly referred to, is the most populous country on this planet. It is estimated the population of almost 1.5 billion people. It occupies the second largest area of landmass after Russia. China has more than fifty ethnic cultures, the largest of which is the Han Chinese who makes up about ninety-two percent of the whole country.

Mandarin is the official language spoken by about 70% of the Chinese people. The majority of the country are Buddhists, that makes about 80% of the population.

A lot of young bachelors from the West often dream of dating a Chinese mail order bride. Coincidentally, those are exactly the kind of men young Chinese women want to marry. Chinese girls like most other girls around love tall men. An added bonus for you is if you have large enough eyes, to them, you are probably Prince Charming.

Nowadays, finding Chinese girls online to marry is quite effortless. However, it is worth noting that Chinese girls are quite unique in certain areas, so it would be wise to not assume that there are other Asian girls who can look like Chinese girls. So if you want to learn how to successfully approach Chinese girls for marriage, please, continue with this article.

Getting to Know Chinese Girls

Physically, Chinese girls tend to be on the slim side, not too fat nor too thin, most are often quite small like most other Asian women. This is great news for men who do not fancy large or portly women like some of the European women, and men that want women whose sizes complement their own. The standard of living in China considerably increased over the latest decades, so, a lot of these girls make sure to take extra care of their bodies.

Their beautiful porcelain features, dark shiny hair, and graceful curves are just amazing. The Chinese culture is very specific on raising girls to be proper women of society so they are trained to walk with grace, underneath their sweet and amazing countenance, you will find a warm and loving person.

You can’t apply the one-size-fits-all approach to the Chinese as they have a lot of diverse cultures, traditions, and what-not. However, generally, women are welcoming, open-minded, and charming there. Rural Chinese women are understandably more reserved in dating while those from the cities are predictably more independent and self-asserting.

In all, a Chinese girl for marriage is actually quite sweet and worth your attention. Chinese brides are excellent home managers, they believe in traditional family values, which allows the man to be the breadwinner and the Chinese wife to take care of the home and kids. A Chinese wife is able to sustain her relationship while simultaneously practicing her culture in whatever corner of the world she may find herself.

Peculiarities of the Modern Chinese woman for marriage

With sufficient exposure, most Chinese girls may be considered modern. They are sincere and will love you unconditionally, however, they also enjoy being educated and career success is very important to them. Right from early childhood, they begin to strive towards academic excellence and then try to be accomplished. These species of Chinese women really love to live life to the maximum.

Their preferred choice for marriage is often someone from overseas. This is often because local Chinese men are very traditional and their interests do not coincide, with men looking to settle and women still trying to make something of themselves. Something to remember if ever you plan to settle down with a Chinese girl.

chinese girl on the bicycle

The Conservative Chinese Girl

On the other side of the coin, you have Chinese women for marriage who are more traditionalists. They are a part of a long family tradition and are very proud of their roots. These particular set of women are more interested in creating their own families and passing on their traditions and raising the next generation.

Very quiet, dutiful and wise, they will rarely butt heads with their husbands. They see themselves taking care of their children and home once they marry.

It is very common to meet women who display both sides of the typical Chinese woman. The best girls are the ones who know how to successfully merge both characters together.

As for the average height of Chinese women, they often measure up to about 5.15 feet. Often, Chinese women appear dainty and porcelain, a look further emphasized by their slender frame and stylish clothes.

It is no secret that Chinese women really take special care of their appearance; their society encourages them to engage in gymnastics and actively pushes them to maintain certain levels of desirability and attractiveness.

Chinese women love to flaunt their hair, and therefore, take extra special care of their hair. There are loads of hair salons almost everywhere you look in the country. The most common hair color is either brown or black. Surprisingly, white skin is considered a noble feature in Chinese society; hence, you will not find any of their women trying to tan their skin.

Tanning is kind of a weird thing for these women and seeing women from western countries rushing to get a tan is quite confusing to them.

Having a very active physical regime is not the only thing that keeps these women in shape. They also have great genes that ensure that no matter how much they eat, they rarely gain a lot of weight. While it is not a sure thing, you can be guaranteed that it applies to the vast majority of them.

Beauty comes to these women naturally; you can see examples in television commercials featuring Chinese women. There is no need for them to use much makeup, if they do use any, they manage to make it look completely natural. If it is a naturally beautiful woman is what you seek, then look no further than a Chinese wife for marriage.

chinese woman

Chinese Cultural Highlights

There is beauty in diversity, Chinese women are very different. However, there are certain things these women all have in common:


Though quite jealous beings, these women can be the most loyal. Being down on your luck financially is not reason enough for them to want to desert you or abscond with another man. Their marriage vows are held in very high esteem, that means they are not flakes and will stand by you especially in times of difficulty.

They Love their Families

Even though many may regard this as a minus, their love for their families is actually a big strength. Moreover, it seems quite easy to please the Chinese girl’s parents, so they will take of you as one of their children. Just know that they will often come to your home whenever they can.

They are Quite Energetic

Their energy is contagious and they are very open to new adventures. They are from the culture with a rich background and therefore they know how to appreciate the great culture. They love to travel and engage in sports. Not a bad idea for the man seeking to make his life exciting, right?

beautiful chinese woman at the swimming-pool

How to Start Relationships with a Chinese Girlfriend

At the first encounter, your future Chinese mail order bride may seem quite demure. When she starts being acclimated to you and your character, she will tend to open up more. She can get to the point of expressing affection for you publicly without any reserve.

Starting a new relationship with a woman in itself is a very challenging venture, not to mention a woman from another country. It is best to keep your focus on a few key areas to best navigate this period:

  1. Try not to meet her parents too early on in the relationship, at least not until you are ready to fully commit to a more serious relationship.
  2. Avoid toying with her emotions; doing so could blow up in your face. They love hard and are very loyal. These women try as much as possible to avoid potential assholes.
  3. Be respectful. These women excel in compelling people with complex ideas and interesting views. There is tremendous wisdom in not underestimate them. Learn to access their world and you will be greatly blessed.
  4. Be cordial, ensure open communication between you two, you are guaranteed to have a sure-fire way into her heart. Make sure to talk and listen even more. Let her show you the best side of her and all she has to offer you. You can be sure she will fall head over heels for you.

Getting Her to Date You

If you make up your mind to seek out a Chinese girl for marriage, it may be wise to understand the differences in culture between yours and her, this will ease, somewhat, the pursuit of a Chinese woman for marriage.

As regards dating a Chinese woman, it may be prudent to learn a few things about their culture and to help; we have compiled such a list for you:

Getting to Know her Family

Going to see her parents should only be considered in the event that you are fully prepared to marry her. Chinese culture, like most others, does not appreciate when girls go before their parents with any man they just happen to be dating at the time.

Always be Straightforward with a Chinese Girl

Playing with a woman’s emotions is a good way to get into trouble around Chinese women. Therefore, really consider why you want to go into a relationship with the woman. Chinese women are not usually up for shallow flings, they would like you to know there are involved for the long haul.

Try to be Cordial with her

Respect is a two-way street, most Chinese girls for marriage learn to respect their men, however, they expect this feeling to be reciprocated. They do not take kindly to being slighted or insulted and they very easily hold grudges.

chinese mail-order bride

Don’t be Chauvinistic

No woman likes an asshole, and they certainly would not want to marry one. Even if you would prefer a homemaker, do not let her know of this. While Chinese culture is very much still conservative, more and more women are beginning to become more liberal and aiming for financial accomplishments. Show them that you are progressive and do not try to relegate her to the background.

Don’t Try to Antagonize her

Stirring up trouble with a Chinese girl is often not advisable. Viewpoints may differ, it is normal in most relationships, however, it should not be cause for strife between you.


We have now looked at Chinese women for marriage in great detail and we can see that it will take some preparation on your part successfully court a Chinese wife for marriage. However, should you be willing to undertake the risk and aim for the perfect woman, it is definite that you will succeed.

Amongst all the different women from around the world, Chinese mail order brides are considered some of the most beautiful.

As you may have seen from experience, it is not an easy task to find an Asian wife, especially a Chinese woman for marriage. Thankfully, we have been able to make this process a lot easier thanks to the power of the internet bringing people closer. Go through the platforms with the best Chinese mail order bride and simplify your searching process considerably.

Pay close attention to each candidate and learn as much as you can about them. To find a Chinese bride for yourself can be a huge step towards achieving marital bliss, so why not try exploring opportunities right now and begin your adventure of a lifetime?

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