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Asian Brides

Asian brides are exciting and intriguing. Why are they so special? How to meet them? What are the most popular countries to find Asian wives? Here you will get your answers!

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Who Are Asian Brides And How To Meet Them?

Interested in oriental brides? Wondering how to meet Asian wife and is it really possible to meet Asian brides online? Then, continue reading this postโ€”here, weโ€™ll tell you everything you wanted to know about how to find an Asian girlfriend and about where to meet Asian girls.

Best Dating Sites

Where to find Asian brides?

There are dating platforms that can help you to mail order Asian bride even if you live far from Asia. It is easy to use such sites: they offer plenty of useful services for you. You can get instant messages, video chats, translation services, and sending gifts services on such a website. This pack is enough for you to start searching for your ideal Asian bride.

  • The interface of a dating platform is a calling card of the company-owner. It should be clear and understandable. Remember that you will spend a lot of time there, so your eyes and hands should not get tired searching for an element.
  • Please, pay attention to the security measures of a site. It is essential for a dating platform to have security certificates and good moderators. And, notice if there is a 24/7 Support team, whose members will help you with any issues.

So if you are looking for an Asian mail order bride, you will get your happiness with one of these girls if you choose a good site and will make efforts. Mail order Asain brides and do not lose in this love game!


How to get an Asian wife online: step-by-step?

If your intentions to find an Asian wife are serious, here is an easy guide to follow:

  • Step 1. Pick a suitable dating service. Donโ€™t jump into the first site you find. Check the expert reviews and see if the site is suitable for the type of relationship you seek.
  • Step 2. Register and create an account. Usually, signing up is free, and you need to add only basic information like gender, age, name, email, and set a password.
  • Step 3. Find a few ladies you like. The best way is by utilizing search tools available on the Asian dating website you choose.
  • Step 4. Approach 3-5 ladies at a time. Asian beauties might all take your breath away, but the best strategy is to pick a few based on compatibility (and preference, of course).
  • Step 5. Develop your chat into a long-distance relationship. Online dating is very similar to a regular relationship, and it has many milestones that youโ€™ll hit before you know you feel that your date is the one.

This is a universal formula that will help you get a gorgeous Asian wife. Just follow the guide and have some courage to start your love journey.

How much does an Asian mail order bride cost?

Since the financial aspect is important, you should have a clear idea of Asian mail order bride services pricing.ย 

Remember that you cannot simply buy an Asian bride. There was a time when a man could buy Asian wife, but now it is unacceptable, we do not live in Medieval times anymore.


Once you plan to date an Asian lady, you will need to consider multiple expenses. They donโ€™t include presents, additional costs on vacations and restaurants. Typically, the price for Asian mail order bride services varies from $15k to $30k.

  • Paid website services: premium subscription, extra features, messaging options, gifts, and additional services (around $1-2K, depending on the provider and its pricing policy).
  • Traveling expenses: tickets, hotels, transport ($2-3K).
  • Expenses on dates and entertainment: trips, restaurants, gifts, theatres, flowers, and so on ($200-$400).
  • Visa fees: visa is required if a woman will visit your country. Usually, it isnโ€™t that costly, but you still need to take the document fees into account (around $600).
  • Adaptation costs: documentation, application fees, moving to your country, luggage delivery ($10K to $30K).

You may also have extra expenses on an interpreter, wedding rings, photography services, vacations, etc. However, they donโ€™t affect the total cost drastically.

Facts about marriages with Asian girls

  • There are more than 10,000 marriages with Western men
  • 80% of marriages are successful
  • Filipino brides are the most popular among other Asian women
  • Average American divorce rate is 40%. The average divorce rate in mail order brides marriages - 20%
  • Asian women become the wives of foreigners mostly at the age of 21-25 and 26-30

Another fact about meeting single Asian women: it's not as hard as one might think. Of course, you need to spend some time choosing the best Asian country to find a wife and on choosing a website with real Asian bridesโ€”but once you read all the reviews and make a choice, itโ€™s really simple. You chat with women (itโ€™s pretty much like online dating in the US), arrange the dates, meet the ladies, and then, if you feel that a certain woman is special for you, you marry her. With all these Asian brides platforms, meeting Asian women is easier than ever!


There are a lot of Asian countries. We may share with you the most popular countries to try to search for your perfect date. Asian dating sites usually focus on all the existing Asian nationalities, but you can narrow your search on sites, choosing one or two countries. There are:

  • The Philippines girls
  • Chinese ladies
  • Japanese women
  • South and North Korea beauties

Now letโ€™s consider these countries and their specialties in details to ease your choice.

The Philippines

Filipino women are devoted and reliable wives. They usually work and do domestic chores. It is a traditional specialty, to do everything by themselves, but they usually continue to do this after the marriage with a man of their nationality. Filipino girls get tired with this tradition, and they suppose that Western men can release them finally from an exhausting life. If you understand how grateful and happy your young and beautiful wife will be living together with you, choose a Filipino woman to date.

Remember that these ladies are the shyest among all the Asian nationalities, so do not make any hasty conclusions on a date. Your bride may feel the passion for you but will show it only with her eyes and red cheeks. Just give her some time to relax, and she will say everything that she wants.



China is a conservative country, so the girls have the same thoughts on various things. They believe that family should be a priority for women, and they try to be the best wives and mothers ever. You will feel their care once you marry one of Chinese girls.

They are very grateful for any help and support, as there is the pretty complicated situation with attitude to women. They are not respected in the country like men are, so they struggle for it and hope that foreign men have another opinion about ladies.

These girls are modest but usually have a sense of humor, and they love to laugh. If you want to make your meeting more relaxed - use your jokes and funny stories, she will be glad for it!


Japanese women seem to be the most emotional among Asian nationalities. Their wide smiles and sweet gestures may melt any heart. Be ready to their killing allure!

These ladies like to behave like a child, but they preserve a serious attitude to life and family. Do not think that you are going to meet a kid: your date may turn to be a lawyer with two university degrees. But, she will still behave and look like a girl with you. If you adore cute women with unique charm, choose Japan to search for a mail order wife!


North Korea is a place that is hard to get in. Rules there do not encourage foreigners to visit there, so let us consider here only South Korea.


These girls can use the Internet and dating sites freely, and their culture allows to marry foreigners without any prejudices.

Korean women are quite serious ladies. They belong to the culture that gains a lot of worldโ€™s attention previous decade. But, they preserved their love to classic family hierarchy and a serious attitude to life.

They adore their family members and children and pay a lot of attention to them. They like sports, self-care, and know dozens of recipes of their national cuisine. But, a Korean girl wants a man, who will spend a lot of time with her. Women would like to get lovely messages, calls, and tiny gifts are the inherited parts of the life of a Korean lady. If you think that any woman deserves such things, you will become a perfect couple with a Korean beauty.

Are Asian mail order brides legitimate?

When you are looking for Asian wife, itโ€™s only natural to want to be sure that you are not participating in any illegal activity. Some may take issue with the term of an Asian mail order bride, but she is not a woman that will be shipped by mail. You wonโ€™t have a catalog of Asian hotties that you can select and have her pack her things to rush on the first flight to your hometown.ย 

Dating and marrying Asian brides are legal because:

  • You are not buying a woman
  • You donโ€™t pay for a sexual relationship with a girl
  • You donโ€™t actually pay an Asian woman, just the dating service
  • International relationships are recognized in all western countries
  • You can legally marry and bring your fiancee or wife to your country

Still not sure? Here is more info on the legal side of mail order bride relationships.

How to legally bring an Asian wife to the USA?

It might not be easy, as there are a certain number of stages of document preparation and interviews that you'll need to pass. But getting married in the US as well as bringing your Asian spouse to the US is absolutely possible. Here is what you need:

  1. Marry in the US. Youโ€™ll need to obtain a K-1 visa, also known as a fiancee visa. For that, you must file a Form I-129F, Form DS-160, visit the Embassy interview and pay fees. If your visa is approved, youโ€™ll be able to travel to the US and get married within 90 days after arrival.
  2. To tie the knot outside the country and bring your spouse later on. Another option to marry a stunning Asian girl is to become a family in her country. For that, youโ€™ll need a passport, visa, certificate of Marriageability, health certificate, and paid fees. Some countries, like China, require a few photos to prove that your relationship is real. After that, youโ€™ll be able to apply for the US IR1 or CR1 spouse visas and a K-3 visa to travel to the country while you wait on the decision on your spouse visa.

Stunning Asian brides should not be a distant dream. Marrying a woman from the Asian region is just a matter of love, patience, and attentiveness with documents.


Why do Asian beauties search for foreign men?

Asian girls for marriage want to love and to be loved. They believe that there are men, who can grant them with care, passion, and support. Western men are stable and can support them and their kids financially and mentally. Female happiness is in the happiness of their beloved ones. If you get an Asian wife, you will be treated as the most loved person in the world. But, remember, that your oriental bride will not be near you if she does not see that you feel the same joy living with her.

Why Asian ladies are so desirable?

To know cultural specialties and a bit of language is not enough to understand the Asian soul. You need more personal information that you can use to make a decision on marriage with an Asian woman. Here we have some of it.

  • Family gets the majority of their attention. Family is very important for Asian women. They love to care about the family members, and it brings joy to their lives. Being loved and respected by relatives is one of the most pleasant things in the world. Asian beauties feel happiness only in a joyful family.
  • Relatives of your Asian bride will accept you. All the Asians believe in the collectivism principle and suppose that they are a huge family. But, such a thought usually touches only people of one country. Thus, Chinese people will not consider a Korean family member. But, they still love anyone, who enters their closest social circle - in other words, relatives circle. No matter, who you are, a Western man, an Eastern European guy or an African man, you will be accepted and treated like their own flesh and blood. If you really love their dear daughter or sister, of course.
  • They can find a common language with any kid. Children are usually pampered a lot. So do not be surprised with a bit weird behavior of little ones if you visit an Asian country. All the Asians love kids, and Asian women love them even more than it is possible. Some Asian mail order brides want several children - but some countries do not encourage it (for example, China). If you realize that you want a house full of cute house creators, you can consider Asian ladies to be the best partners for such a life.
  • Asian women adore looking young and beautiful. There is a cult of being young in Asia. They pamper their skin with plenty of skincare products that are enriched with vitamins and sunscreens. Asians believe that sun harms skin with the UV-rays, and it makes them look older. Well, it is true, that is why the trend to sunscreens has got such popularity. Your Asian wife will care not about herself, but try to inspire you to use a bit of skincare. You can always refuse from it, but it will mostly touch your health, not transforming you into a guy with shelves of beauty products.
  • Asian women know how to listen and understand you. Asian girls are pretty reserved and calm. It may make Western men think that they are not interested in relationships at all. It is not true. Those girls, who become mail order brides, passionately want to meet their man among foreigners. They read a lot and try to learn about the cultures they are interested in the most. Asian women try to understand their partners not only as men but as personalities, who have the other culture.
  • Asian cuisine is diverse and Asian beauties know how to cook it. Cuisines of East are special. They are spicy, complicated, and with a lot of sauces. If you have ever tried Asian cuisines, you cannot forget their tastes. And, the beauties from Asia know dozens of the dishes! Love to cooking is personal, your Asian wife may have no inspiration to cook. But, the truth is that your lovely lady will never leave you without a tasty dinner.
  • They try to get a proper education. It might be more correct to say that they have to get a proper education and be successful. Some Asian countries are overpopulated, so it is very hard to get a good job and a nice place under the sun. People there have to study well to gain a better life. But, there are a lot of Asian women, who enjoy education and may impress you with their intelligence.

How to be sure that an Asian girl likes you?

If you are trying to start a relationship with a gorgeous Asian girl online, you need to know that they do not date the way the Westerns do. These beauties are raised in traditional beliefs, and showing real emotions, regardless if they are positive or negative, is not common. And such a mindset has a direct influence on how Asian girls behave during the courtship period.

Sometimes it may be hard for a foreigner to understand what is on the mind of a beautiful Asian girl and how she really feels. If she has a crush on you, you may not even notice that. Here are some signs to spot if the woman you are interested in likes you:

  • Wants to talk to you all the time
  • Texts you first
  • Seeks a meeting with you
  • Is trying to get to know you
  • Is genuinely interested in what you like
  • Shares personal stories
  • Opens up about what is important to her
  • Gives you little compliments

If you spot such behavior in your Asian beauty, there are good chances she likes you. But if you feel confused, donโ€™t be afraid to confess how you feel and ask directly about her thoughts about that. Being confident in your partner usually results in a happy relationship.


Myths about mail order brides

They are materialists and want your money

No. It is a complete lie because an Asian woman knows how to earn a living. She will never suppose herself to be a thing that may be bought and sold. Money comes and leaves, and Asian women with their spiritual philosophy will never think about the money first. They will live with a person, a partner, not with his coins.

They do not want to live in their countries

Some of the girls actually want to move to another place. But, any person feels stress when it moves to a place with its own culture, rules, and obligations. Only the flexible minds can experience it and not even notice that it took place. Women usually do feel that. Additionally, for conservative Asian girls, it would be even harder to leave their countries, but you can be sure that she will do this. If she loves you and you guarantee that you will support her, of course.

They cannot be happy with a man at all

No. It is a thought that makes a lot of men worry. Some of them think that Asian mail brides cannot succeed in a relationship with Asian men because they have bad manners and annoying temper. It is a mistake to think this way. If you are going to use a dating platform to get an Asian wife, you are not considered as a man, who failed to find a partner in the homeland. You just want to find a beauty, who will share your tastes and preferences, right? Asian brides want just the same.

They can do nothing by themselves

No. These women are not helpless, and they can take care of themselves. They need a supporter, a partner, not a parent. They only look young and pretty - in fact, they are very strong personalities, this is their cultural specialty. You may meet a woman, who will appreciate any help but will never ask for it. Be attentive and help your Asian girl in difficult situations. She will be grateful for that.

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Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team.ย Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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Dave Miles

Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team.ย Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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