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Ukrainian Mail Order Brides: Where And How To Find Ukrainian Women for Marriage?

Nearly a thousand  Ukrainian citizens apply for K-1 visas, also known as fiance(e) visas, to the US every year. Most of them are Ukrainian mail order brides—women, who met their American husbands on dating sites. However, a lot of people say that meeting a Ukrainian girl online and then marrying her is nearly impossible. So, how does that work?The thing is you need to know some tips and tricks—there are thousands of real Ukrainian women looking for serious relationships online, and you only need to know how to choose and use the dating services properly to start dating one of them.

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Where to find Ukrainian women for marriage?

There are two ways to meet Ukrainian mail order brides: you can go to Ukraine and meet local singles in real life or use one of the online dating sites that provide mail order brides services. Both options have their pros and cons.

Let's discuss the first option in more detail. Yes, meeting hot Ukrainian brides in real life is an amazing experience. You can just go to Ukraine (by the way, the prices in this country are pretty low compared with most western countries), stay there for a year hoping to find a special girl. You can just download Tinder or another dating app popular in Ukraine, and meet hot Ukrainian women, who, by the way, are attracted to foreigners. However, there are no guarantees that you will succeed, and to be honest, not all men are ready to change their life completely and move to another country even if they have a remote job. That's the main reason why most men prefer to look for Ukrainian wives online.


Using one of the Ukrainian dating sites is just easier, faster, and more convenient. On mail order bride platforms, you get access to profiles of women who are looking for serious relationships and marriage. On platforms like Tinder, you never know if a woman wants to start a family or just have some fun with a foreign guy. Moreover, you are likely to spend less than you would spend in Ukraine, and there is no need to change your life completely. However, we mentioned that you should know some tips and tricks to meet real single Ukrainian women, start dating, and then marry one of them, and you can find them below.

How to get a Ukrainian mail order bride online?

The most important thing you should consider is that you can meet a real Ukrainian bride only if you choose a legit international dating website that really helps men find their Ukraine mail order wives. How to do it? There are a lot of platforms in the market, and you should choose the best one by comparing the options that seem good enough to you. We recommend paying special attention to a few things—profiles, features, prices, privacy, and the way Ukrainian ladies interact with you. Here is a simple scheme that will help you make the right choice:

  • Find all the information on the website you are going to use. Read reviews, join the platform (in 99% of cases, registration is free) and take a close look at profiles, paying attention not only to the looks of beautiful Ukrainian brides but also to the information they provide, relationship goals, photos, and videos. Do profiles look real?
  • Test free features, try to use search, take a look at the prices. Are you ready to spend this amount of money on dating? What features does the site have? Is there call service, video chat, or gift delivery? If the site seems good enough, upgrade your account to start interacting with the best Ukrainian brides.
  • Make sure that your profile looks attractive for Ukrainian girls, add photos and more information about yourself. A lot of men who use mail order bride sites make the same mistake—they think that if women are motivated to find a man, they won't care much about the profile. In fact, you will meet the best Ukraine brides only if you have a good profile—otherwise, a girl who wants to meet a decent man who would meet particular criteria will hardly reply to a message written by a complete stranger without a photo and detailed information in his profile.
  • Use search and filters to find perfect matches. Best platforms provide daters with a lot of great tools. It's video chat, gift delivery, and even streams, but you shouldn't forget about matching services, too. Spend some time taking a personality test—the system will use this information to find perfect matches for you. You can also search for an ideal Ukraine girl manually, by applying specific search filters, so try to imagine your dream woman and start looking for her.
  • Start to interact with mail order brides who meet your most important criteria, choose a special Ukrainian girl and start dating her. You can use just text chat at the early stage of your relationship, but we recommend moving on to video chat once it is getting more serious.

Here is another important thing—Ukraine brides are looking for love, and they want to really date men—learn more about them, get closer, share emotions and thoughts, etc. It's not about buying a Ukrainian wife—it's about starting an authentic relationship with one of the Ukrainian girls.

Ukrainian mail order bride cost: How much does it cost to date online?

So, you can't buy a Ukrainian bride—there are no platforms where men can just order and get a wife. However, there are platforms where men can meet Ukrainian women and date them online and then in real life. However, a legitimate Ukrainian dating site won't provide services for free. On top of that, You will also need to meet your Ukrainian mail order wife in person before you marry her, right? So, the amount you spend online and the cost of trips is exactly what people usually call the mail order brides cost.


Men can spend more or less both online and in real life—it depends on the choices they make, from the dating sites they use to meet Ukrainian brides to their dating and traveling styles. However, there are the average costs, and we list them all below.

  • Online dating services—about $1500 (per year)
  • Flight to Ukraine—$700
  • Hotel (2 weeks)—$500
  • Meals (2 weeks)- $150
  • Entertainment (2 weeks)—$200
  • Visa -$1000

A two-week trip to Ukraine will cost you about $1500 (not this is the cost of a mid-range trip, a lot will depend on the traveler—if you go to Kyiv and stay at 5-star hotels, you will spend much more). Let's say you go there to meet your Ukrainian bride twice—in this case, you will spend $3,000.

So, what is the average total cost of a bride? If we add the cost of visa and dating services, it will be $5,500 "for a wife".

Are Ukrainian mail order brides illegal?

But can you legally marry a Ukrainian mail order bride? Yes, you can! Yet, there are a few important things you should know if you want to find a Ukraine mail order wife. It could be a fast and simple search, however, if you use the services provided by a Ukrainian marriage agency properly.


First and foremost, any companies and websites that connect you with overseas brides are providing dating services and nothing but dating services. As we have already noted, you can't literally mail order Ukrainian brides—it's impossible. Dating services are legal in most countries of the world, so neither the companies nor the users can get in trouble with the law.

Let us say that you have already met your future bride, you have a serious relationship, and you want to get married. What's next? In this case, you have two options—you can marry her in Ukraine, and then she will apply for a marriage visa as a foreign spouse or she will apply for a K-1 fiancee visa, and you will get married in the US (many Ukrainian women choose the second option).

This is perfectly legal, but you should consider that there are a few important demands all visa applicants and their partners must meet.

First, you need to prove that you really have an authentic romantic relationship—a Ukraine bride will have an interview, and you will need to prove that you have met in real life within the previous two years (you can provide access to your dating site, photos, videos, plane tickets, etc). After a woman gets a visa, you will have to get married within 90 days—otherwise, she will be deported from the country.

So, these were the most important legal aspects of marrying a mail order spouse—consider this information before you choose a dating service and start looking for a Ukrainian lady online.


Why choose Ukrainian women for marriage?

Girls from Ukraine are becoming increasingly popular among foreign men, which, in turn, are becoming increasingly discouraged by their local female counterparts. Why is that happening? Because western ladies are now more independent and rapidly lose interest in starting a family. Ukrainian women strive to eschew the traditional roles of the woman in society, which include:

  • Being faithful Ukrainian wives.
  • Excellent lovers.
  • Role models for their children.
  • Being caring mothers.
  • Being the balancing force to their husbands.
  • Offering words of wisdom and counsel to all who depend on them.

Moreover, Ukraine brides are not only beautiful and family-minded. They live in a country with a pretty good educational system, and getting a university degree is nearly a must there. On the contrary to a popular belief, most Ukrainian brides looking for foreign husbands are educated and employed. Girls from this Eastern European country can have careers, that's true, but the thing is they don't want to sacrifice family life to be successful. Even employed women know who to reconcile work and family, remaining loving wives and mothers.

Why are Ukrainian brides looking for foreign husbands?

The current political climate in the country has left a lot of young Ukrainian brides feeling disenfranchised and unsafe. That is why most seek to leave their country for greener pastures. This is often the case with people from developing countries. The United States is one of the major destinations for these women, and that is why they are readily welcoming of men from the US.

On top of that, a lot of Ukraine women just consider foreigners to be more attractive—better-mannered, better dressed, more confident, and successful. Many of Ukraine girls also fail to build a happy relationship with local men who are often too demanding without offering anything in exchange for the care and beauty of local women. Many brides from Ukraine, as well as Russian brides, also note that they are looking for husbands overseas because they believe that they will be able to find a faithful, caring guy without drinking problems.

On the other side of the coin, more and more American men are becoming bored with the choice of women available in their home country. American women have shifted their focus from being homemakers to career women and diminished family values.

This disparity has driven the men to begin searching for potential mates outside their shores. Ukrainian women embody a lot of the traits and qualities American women have started to lose making them a preferred choice for a lot of American women.

In Ukraine, you will easily find a woman willing to be your girlfriend and even be your Ukrainian wife.

A Few Words About Mail Order Brides From Ukraine

The general atmosphere in Ukraine is not very kind, even to the local population. Life in rural areas is usually not very good. Finding well-paying, meaningful employment can be very difficult for most Ukrainians even if they are well-educated.

The obvious solution is to move to a place of better opportunities. Most Ukrainians do so; they are moving to bigger cities and other neighboring countries and seeking better opportunities. This is why there is a huge variety of women on dating agencies and Ukrainian mail order bride services like those we recommend on our website.


A Ukrainian woman has a lot of qualities that make her suitable for marriage. Ukrainian wives take excellent care of their husbands; this is something that a lot of foreign men today so desperately look for in their future life partners.

  • An average Ukrainian woman sports brunette or auburn hair with dark-brown, almost honey-brown eyes, although different eye colors and hair colors exist among the women.
  • They enjoy nature and the outdoors, which is evident in the sleek and elegant body shapes.
  • Ukrainian brides are strong, emotionally, mentally, and physically too. Their fair skin could make Snow White jealous. Their delicate facial features are looking almost porcelain, but do not let this supposed delicacy deceive you, they are quite strong.

As with almost all things you will probably undertake, it is probably a good idea to compare the good versus the bad when considering dating a girl from Ukraine. Next, we will discuss the pros and cons and you can now decide for yourself if it would all be worth it.


To wrap up this article, we hope you are looking forward to starting a wonderful future with a Ukrainian wife perfect just for you. Why not sign up today and start the search for that perfect girl to create a blissful home alongside.

F.A.Q. about mail order brides from Ukraine

Why do Ukrainian women become mail order brides?

Of course, a Ukrainian bride may have personal reasons to start looking for a foreign husband, but in most cases, this can be explained by various social, economic, and cultural factors. In particular, many Ukrainian ladies note that they want to date and marry a man from a western country because he is likely to be better-mannered, more successful, and more attractive overall. Second, many girls from Ukraine believe that fewer western men have drinking problems. Third, many of them (especially women who have already turned 27+) want to start a family in the near future, and they know that many foreign men want to marry a woman, not after 5 years of dating, so they just see that as a win-win for both parties.

How much are Ukrainian mail order brides?

Note that a Ukrainian mail order wife is not for sale. You won't find any catalogs or websites where beautiful Ukrainian women sell themselves to foreigners—that's nothing but a myth. However, you can meet beautiful Ukrainian brides online, and yes, online dating services cost money. Prices vary from platform to platform, but most men dating Ukrainian women online spend about $1200 a year. However, you will also need to meet your future Ukrainian wife in person. The approximate cost of one 2-week trip to this country is about $1500, so if you go there twice, you will spend about $3000. With the cost of a visa, and the cost of dating services, the total price is about $5,500.

Why are Ukrainian brides so popular?

There are plenty of things that make Ukrainian girls so irresistible for many foreign men. First, most of them still believe that family is the most important thing in life and want to get married and have children. Second, they are well-educated, well-mannered, and incredibly beautiful. Third, a Ukrainian bride is likely to speak English well and know a lot about western culture, so language and cultural barriers will hardly cause any problems. So, a man who marries one of the Ukrainian mail order wives gets a beautiful, family-minded, intelligent companion who understands him pretty well, assimilates to the new society easily, and is really motivated to build that happy family of your dreams.

How to bring a Ukrainian wife to the US?

You can marry her in Ukraine—in this case, she will need to apply for a marriage visa to the US. However, most men marry their Ukrainian mail order brides in the US. In this case, a woman needs to apply for a K-1 fiance visa and marry her American boyfriend within 90 days after she enters the country. Note that such visa will cost about $1000 in total, she will have an interview, and most importantly, you will need to prove that you have an authentic romantic relationship and that you've met in person within the previous two years, so if you have photos, videos, tickets, save all this—you will need it later to show that your relationship is real.

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Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team. Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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