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Filipino Brides

Filipina girl can make you the happiest man in the whole world!

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Filipino Mail Order Brides: Guide For Men Seeking Love In The Philippines

The Philippines are definitely in the top 3 most popular Asian countries to find a wife. What's the secret? Why do thousands of men year by year decide that marrying a girl from a far country is a much better idea than finding someone in their own city? Is it about beauty, family values, or something else? In this guide, we reveal all the secrets of their attractiveness and describe the ways to meet Filipino brides on the best online platforms.

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Where to find Filipino mail order brides?

So, how to get a Filipina wife? Generally speaking, there are two options to choose from—you can either go to the Philippines and stay there at least for a year, or you can look for a Filipino wife online. Which of them is better? It's hard to say, actually—both ways work for some men and don't work for others, so, let's analyze them in more detail.

How to find a Filipino woman for marriage while traveling in the Philippines

What if you like face-to-face communication more than chatting online? How to find a wife in the Philippines if you hate checking your inbox 24/7? Well, the Philippines is a beautiful country with absolutely amazing white-sand beaches and that gorgeous blue sea, and the prices there are pretty low, so why not visit it or even stay here for some time.

Generally speaking, there are two options that single men who dream of dating Filipino girls can choose from:

  • Romance tours. Some online dating platforms and marriage agencies based in the Philippines arrange tours for western men who want to meet Filipina women in person. The scheme is simple: guys pay for a tour (a group or an individual one), go to the Philippines, meet Filipino brides (ladies are carefully chosen and really motivated to marry foreigners) at the events arranged by the companies (dinners, parties, etc.). However, you should know that agencies don't usually provide any guarantee, and most importantly, it doesn't mean that you will leave the country with a bride—it's still about dating and starting an authentic relationship, so you will need to keep in touch online and come back to the Philippines a few times as a tourist.
  • Temporary migration. If you want to meet Filipina brides in real life, you can just go there and stay for a year or two. Again, the nature is beautiful, the prices in the Philippines are low, and the girls are attracted to foreigners, so you can just upload Tinder and try your luck going on dates.

Both options, however, have disadvantages. Romance tours to the Philippines are very expensive, and not all men are ready to just move to another country for a couple of years. If they don't work for you, you can still meet Philippines mail order brides online, and the good news is it's usually much cheaper.

How to meet Filipino mail order bride online


Again, there are two ways to meet a single Filipina woman online. You can do it on:

  1. Social networking sites, which are free and easy to use, but not all Filipino girls like to receive and respond to messages sent by foreigners on Instagram or Facebook.
  2. Niche platforms with Filipino mail order wives, which are usually the premium sites but provide a much better chance to marry one of the Filipino mail order brides.

The online dating platforms with Asian brides are incredibly popular, and well, for a reason. First of all, safe and reputable sites promote their service to real Filipino women who dream of marrying a foreign man and accept girls who are ready to prove their identities, provide photos and videos and take personality tests. Second, the dating services they provide cost much less than migration to the Philippines or romance tours. Finally, good websites designed exclusively for people looking for serious relationships offer tons of great communication tools like call services, live chat, video chat, gift delivery and even live streams.

If you want to meet Filipino ladies looking for marriage online fast and for a reasonable price, here is what you should do:

  • Find a good niche platform that can really help you find a perfect Filipina woman. Pay special attention to profiles, features, prices, and privacy policy. Consider multiple options and choose the best one.
  • Sign up for the site, take a personality test, answer all the questions, create a catchy headline, and upload at least a few photos.
  • Use search and matching services to find Philippines girls who meet all your most important criteria (don't focus on the physical appearance only).Contact ladies, keep interacting with them until you find a special woman. Get closer to her, start dating her online.
  • Go to the Philippines after you realize she really may be the one and get married, if you think that your Filipino bride will make you happy.

This is a simple scheme, but it works if you choose the right website with real Filipina women—finding it is half the battle.

How much does a Philippines girl for marriage cost?

Can you buy a bride from Philippines? Though some people believe it is possible, there is no way you can actually mail order Filipino women. As we have noted before, there are many ways to meet Filipino girls both online and in real life, but even if you go on a romance tour, you meet a girl to start a relationship with, not a girl for sale. As we've mentioned previously, the easiest way to meet Filipino wives is to find them online, on niche platforms. However, you still need to go to the Philippines at least twice to meet your Filipino bride in person, take your relationship to a new level and decide whether you are ready to marry her.

So, the expenses are as follows:

  • Online dating—about $1,200 for a year of using a good dating site with Philippines brides. Note that the cost vary greatly from website to website, and if the platform uses the credit system, the total cost of dating will depend on the number of Filipina girls you contact, the tools you use, how often you use the site, etc. $1,200 is just an average amount of money that men usually spend.
  • Tickets—$2,000 for 2 two-round trips (the cost may be higher or lower depending on the class, month, etc.)
  • Hotel—$900 for a month
  • Meals—$400 for a month
  • Transportation and entertainment—$1000
  • Visa (if you are serious about marrying your Filipina bride)—about $1000 for a K-1 fiancee visa

So, the "total cost"of dating and marrying one of the Philippine ladies is about $5,500.

Note that mail order bride pricing is not about the fixed prices or anything like that—again, men don't pay for Filipina mail order brides, they pay for services, and their cost largely depends on the choices they make.

What makes a Filipino girl perfect for marriage?

But what Filipino brides are really like? Of course, every person is unique, but it's hard to deny that ladies from a particular country also have some common national characteristics. Filipinas are no exception to this rule, so, most of them are:

  • Patient and wise like most other Asian girls but way more sociable and open-minded
  • Pretty westernized but still family-minded and motivated to start a happy family
  • Super-caring and attentive girlfriends
  • Great loving mothers
  • Well-mannered, non-confrontational, and very tolerant

Basically, these are the things that make a Filipina girl for marriage so special and desirable.

Why are Filipino brides looking for foreign husbands?

Some people say that the only reason why beautiful women from the Philippines may be looking for western guys is money. Well, in fact, it's pretty typical for some Asian women to marry foreigners—Korean women for marriage, for example, usually have no financial problems but often marry guys from western countries just because they are attracted to them. Here are some of the most important (and way more complex) reasons why local women would like to date guys overseas:

  • The desire to get married before they turn 30. Many local girls start feeling that pressure when they turn 25-27—in the Philippines, people start families at a pretty early age. Many Filipino women know well that many western guys want the same and would be happy to marry a hot, kind and family-minded girl.
  • Unmet fertility. Most Filipino wives want to have children, but often don't want to raise them in a not-so-stable country.
  • Querida arrangements, or simply put, love triangles are pretty common in the Philippines. Filipino society is still a conservative society, and not always in a good way. Being married and dating another woman is not always discouraged there. On top of that, divorces were prohibited there for a centuries, and Filipino wives just could not leave their unfaithful husbands. No wonder many local girls tried to avoid such a scenario and preferred to marry foreign guys (mostly from the United States and Japan).

There are thousands of Philippines women looking for marriage to foreign men, and now you know why they make such a choice. But is a marriage to a Philippine bride a happy marriage?

What to expect from Filipino mail order brides?

Here is another thing that you should know about Filipino singles looking for men from developed countries. Some believe that marrying a single woman from the Philippines or getting a Thai wife means getting a super conservative woman who'd have no interest in life, career, the world, or self-development. It's not exactly true.

In fact, another reason why many women from Asia want to date and marry American men, not local men, is that they believe that western guys will help them fulfil their desire for modernity. Yes, they are family-oriented, they are good wives, but they also note that local guys are too emotional, quick-tempered, over-controlling, that they don't care about women's thoughts and desires much and that local families obviously  lack mutual respect between the partners. So, you can expect a Filipino woman to be a beautiful, loving, and caring wife who'd also respect her.

 F.A.Q. about mail order brides from the Philippines

How to legally bring a Filipino mail order bride to the US?

There are two ways to bring a foreign spouse/fiancee to the US. Filipino girls can choose between two options:

  1. Applying for a K-1 visa, also known as a fiancee visa. This is the best option for those Filipino brides who want to get married in the US. The scheme is simple—a woman who is going to marry a US citizen applies for a visa, enters the country, gets married and then applies for a Green Card.
  2. Consular processing. This option works for couples who already got married outside the United States—in this case, an American citizen can help his wife get a visa by filling in the petition for an alien relative.

The processes are slightly different, but in both cases, an applicant must provide evidence, i.e. prove that a relationship with the US citizen, whether registered or unregistered one, is authentic—provide plane tickets, photos, videos, have interviews, etc. You will also need to prove that you have met in person within the last two years.

Are Filipino mail order brides legitimate?

Filipina mail order brides, as well as other foreign mail order spouses are not illegal. There are a lot of real mail order brides from Philippines—after all, this is the country with one of the highest marriage migration rates, and you can meet these ladies on safe niche platforms. Such websites are legitimate, too—the companies just provide online dating services, carefully moderate profiles, and connect single people which is perfectly legal in most countries of the world.

Why do a lot of mail order brides come from the Philippines?

The Philippines ladies looking for marriage often choose foreigners for plenty of reasons, from unmet fertility and desire to raise children in a more developed country to the desire to find a decent, faithful man and avoid the love-triangle scenario. Moreover, as we have already noted in this guide, many Filipina brides want to find a respectful, loving husband who wouldn't try to dominate all the time to meet that "macho ideal".


There are tens of thousands of women looking for marriage in Philippines, and yes, a lot of them believe that they can find a better match outside the country. Most of them know a lot about western culture, so the cultural barrier will hardly be a problem. And despite that, they remain a bit conservative and traditional Asian women who believe that family is the most important thing in life. A lot of them use global dating sites to find their perfect men, so the only thing you should do to meet real Filipino women is to join one of those online communities.

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Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team. Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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