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Norwegian Brides

Norwegian mail order brides seem to be a great catch for any man.

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Norwegian Brides: Why Choose Norwegian Mail Order Brides?

Gorgeous and fun, Norwegian brides can make sure that you have the best time of your life! These women are known to have the outstanding appearance of Nordic goddesses and rather a cold temper. Most women from this country are quite tall, have blonde hair and blue eyes, and have very symmetrical facial features. Norway is not the most popular country in terms of online dating, and you will be able to find up to 1,000 girls on dating platforms. In 2019, only 42 girls received a K-1 visa and married American men. Nevertheless, you can be sure that dating and marrying a woman from Norway can be one of the best experiences of your life. These women are beautiful, smart, supportive, and incredibly fun to chat with!

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Norwegian women canโ€™t stand arguing and fighting because they simply prefer spending their time on more productive things. Even if she is mad at you, she most likely will not yell at you or try to start a fight with you. These ladies know how to keep calm and this is actually a blessing.


As a rule, a Norwegian mail order wife doesnโ€™t like loud parties and social events. In fact, she would rather spend her Saturday night watching Netflix and eating ice cream than parting in a night club or drinking in a bar. It doesnโ€™t mean that she is boring because she likes having fun, but her idea of fun is slightly different from other peopleโ€™s ideas of it.



Once you are in a relationship with a Norwegian woman for marriage, you might get confused since itโ€™s rather hard to tell whether she actually likes you. The thing is these women are quite reserved and pretty often have difficulties opening up and sharing their feelings. So donโ€™t jump to conclusions right away, give her a little bit more time and she will definitely open up to you.

Punctual and responsible

If you scheduled your date at 6 pm, then be sure that your Norwegian girlfriend will be waiting for you at 6. These women respect their time as well as other peopleโ€™s time, so they firmly believe that being late for a meeting is exceptionally rude. Apart from that, your Norwegian wife is going to be quite responsible, she stands by her words and never breaks promises. These qualities make her a great wife and mom.


Whether your sweetheart is a stay-at-home mom or a business woman, she is extremely hardworking and whatever she does, she does her best to do it perfectly. If she is dreaming about making a career, she will work long hours until she reaches her goal. In case she is a housewife, sheโ€™ll do her best to make her home cozy and her kids happy. She is a perfectionist by nature.


Your Norwegian girlfriend might not be a Greenpeace activist, but she probably recycles her trash, eats less meet, and follows the non-consumerism philosophy. These women usually like nature and they try to do anything they can to make this world a better place in terms of the environment. So if you are an environmentally-friendly person yourself, youโ€™ll have a lot of topics to discuss with such a girl. In case you donโ€™t care about climate change, sheโ€™ll teach you how to be a responsible consumer and recycle.

Loyal and faithful

Norwegian brides are extremely careful when it comes to any sort of relationship. It takes them a lot of time to find their true friends as well as boyfriends/husbands. However, when they feel like they have found the one, these ladies become very loyal partners. Such a woman will support you throughout all the ups and downs and will be your loyal friend and partner until the end.

As you can see, Norwegian girls are quite interesting and can be a great match for many men. At the same time, if you are looking for somebody more carefree and easy-going, then youโ€™ll probably have a lot of misunderstandings in a relationship with a Norwegian beauty. But if a calm homebody is what you need, Norwegian bride is the way to go for you.


Norwegian mail order brides and English language

Language barrier is one of the most common problems in online dating. However, women from Norway are mostly fluent in English due to the fact that English is considered the second official language in the country. While some girls may have an accent, the majority of dates will sound as if they were native speakers.

How do Norwegian mail order brides behave once theyโ€™re in love?

Due to the fact that these girls are particularly reserved and shy, itโ€™s hard to say whether she really likes you. So if you struggle with this very question, here are the signs that will let you know that your Norwegian girl loves you:

  • She initiates the contact first.
  • Your girlfriend wants to find out more details about your childhood, family, and life in general.
  • Being avoidant of physical contacts, she allows you to touch and kiss her.
  • In case you have any problems, she offers her help.
  • She invites you to her house, which, in her opinion, is almost a sacred place.
  • She tells you she wants to have a family.

These are the main signs that will help you understand whether your Norwegian girlfriend has serious intentions about you. However, keep in mind that she needs more time to open up, so it might take a while before you start noticing these signs.

What do Norwegian wives expect from men?

Norwegian women are not robots and they have the image of their perfect partner too. Well, who is the one for such a woman? Here are some qualities Norwegian ladies value in men the most.

  • Faithfulness. Extremely loyal themselves, these girls expect their partner to be loyal as well. So if you arenโ€™t ready to commit, you better stay away from this girl.
  • Calm. These women appreciate tranquility and need a man who is calm and chill because they simply donโ€™t need too much stress in their life.
  • Financial stability. When it comes to marriage, Norwegian women have to be sure that their husband is able to provide for their family.
  • Ability to take responsibility for oneโ€™s actions and words. This quality is simple as it is: they need a man who would keep his promises and stand by his words.
  • Love to nature. Being nature admirers themselves, these girls need a man who would understand them and share their beliefs.

Tips for winning a Norwegian girl for marriage over

Finally, let us take a brief look at some of the tips that will help you win a Norwegian beautyโ€™s heart. So get ready, here they are:

  • Be yourself from the very beginning and donโ€™t try to act out another character for her.
  • Support and help her whenever she needs it.
  • Donโ€™t push on her if sheโ€™s not opening up to you quickly.
  • Show her your serious intentions about her.
  • As your relationship progresses, ask her personal questions about her childhood or dreams and share your personal information too.
  • Make her feel like she is your priority.

Final thoughts

Norwegian girls for marriage might seem cold as ice but it doesnโ€™t mean their hearts are frozen. In fact, these women are very loving, caring and, most importantly, loyal. Despite the fact that they might be rather cold and reserved at the beginning and it takes them time to open up and be vulnerable with you, they are still very warm partners. Such a woman is a perfect match for those men who donโ€™t like loud parties and would rather spend their Saturday night cuddling with their beloved and watching Netflix. So if this is what you want, then you definitely should start looking for a wife in Norway.

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Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team.ย Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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Dave is a person who knows how to research and analyze dating platforms. He has written over several hundred reviews, and he is an essential part of our team.ย Dave is responsible for researching and content writing and knows what a dating site should look like.

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