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Do you want to find a real soulmate and you are in love with Asian beautiful women? Go forward to read about LoverWhirl - one of the best dating sites to begin your love story.

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Loverwhirl Dating Site Review

Tired of thousands of ineffective attempts to chase after love in real life, but everything ended up frustrative? Don’t worry, we found a great solution for such cases called dating site LoverWhirl. It is a social platform that gives a great chance to get in touch with beautiful, lonely and ready for serious relationships Asian and other women. So let's move to Lover Whirl Review

The popularity of that site can be explained by a high possibility that you will face while joining the other users' experience. The reason why LoverWhirl is a good variant to begin your love path is that it has high ratings and a big database of Asian women that has the same aim as you - to find their soulmates. In this review, you will find all the information about this social platform, its benefits and drawbacks as well as its peculiarities es that you won’t find anywhere else. Main information about Loverwhirl that you need is available below.

Score (1217 votes)
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Easy of Use:90/10
Quality of Profiles:91/10
Numbers of Members:90/10
Customer Service:87/10
Easy of Use
Quality of Profiles
Numbers of Members
Customer Service

First Impression Of The Site

The design of the site is quite pleasant and attractive - your attention won’t be disturbed by the too shiny, dark, or bright interface. One of the biggest pluses is that you certainly won’t be lost on the site because the logistics of the sight isn’t complicated. Everything was organized with consideration of the visitors' wishes. The comfort of the members is a priority of the site.

Based on these understandings, the first thing you see on the site is a registration form. If you scroll down, there you can find basic important stuff for each site: presentation, Privacy Policy, terms of use, etc. You can briefly read about each important part in this review.

site screen

Registration process

Without registration, you won’t be able to get access to LoverWhirl, that’s why it’s quite important to sign up in the right way.

To get access you will need you to give your:

  • Sex: man/woman;
  • Name;
  • Date of your birthday;
  • Email;
  • Password.

It’s important to mention that signing up is free, and you don’t have to pay any money to create a profile on LoverWhirl.

registration on the dating site

Filters are your first step

The second part of the registration is applying filters. As soon as you get a profile, you will get an automatically set made of women with who you will probably have common interests. That will help you to find your soulmate much faster.

The only thing that is required to make this set are filters. After signing up, you have to pass a quick poll about you and your “ideal” match. These are the elements of this poll:

  • Kind of woman you are looking for - loving kids, already having kids, dreaming about a long-term relationship and marriage, a penfriend, a casual relationship, online friendship, or online flirting;
  • Age of the person you want to get acquainted with - the range is from 18 y.o. to 80 y.o.;
  • Her height;
  • Her weight;
  • Body type - average, slim, athletic, muscular, a few extra pounds, big and beautiful;
  • Drinking filter;
  • Smoking topic.
main questions

The same questions will be asked about you:

  • Your age;
  • Your height;
  • Body type - average, slim, athletic, muscular, a few extra pounds, big and beautiful;
  • Marital status - not married, divorced, widowed;
  • Children - if you have some, how many (if any), and whether you want more;
  • Education degree;
  • Your religion;
  • If you drink or smoke.
loverwhirl questionnaire

Why filters are your first step? Due to them, you can get first acquaintances on the social network with women that correspond to your desirable ideals and would like you as a person.

loverwhirl match

How to advertise yourself?

The third step is to present yourself by setting a normal photo on your profile and giving a short, laconic, and gripping description of yourself. Here are some tips on what's important to mention about yourself in the profile:

  1. Be as honest as you can. Don't make up out of yourself an unreal person who has million dollars and 5 cars.
  2. Tell about your hobbies. Maybe, it will be better to separate your description of yourself with some topics. It will explain what you like from different fields. For example, you can distinguish sports, literature, films, leisure, and traveling and then explain each point briefly.
  3. Don’t write the story of your tragedy or something negative. It’s always important to show you can be positive and open to new relationships.
  4. You can tell about your personality. Try to emphasize the more attractive traits about yourself - women love when a man knows his best sides.

Which services make Lover Whirl special?

After the registration, you will get an opportunity to use all the services that LoverWhirl gives you. All of them are made to help you have a great time during the conversation between you and your match.

There are two types of services: free and paid. Now we will describe both of them for you to see the difference.

Free services

One of the best features of this dating site is that it presents you with a big list of free useful functions:

  • Register
  • Create a profile
  • See profile visitors
  • Observe who liked you
  • Use the messenger
  • Mail someone
  • See who liked you
  • Make your own favorites
  • Be able to give the flowers and presents
  • See who wants to get your contact
  • See who want to meet with you
  • Use the database of Asian ladies
  • Check out profiles
  • Use matchmaking and search
  • Like profiles and send winks
site free services

Paid services are special functions that are available only if you buy the credits. Credits are a special local currency, you can exchange your money into credits and purchase these services. Paid services are more entertaining and targeted to increase the interest between you and your match.

What are they?

  • Sending and receiving correspondence;
  • Chatting by instant messages;
  • Sending virtual gifts;
  • Sending stickers
  • Helping to develop your conversation;
  • Exchanging contact details;
  • Viewing personal pictures and videos.
loverwhirl paid services

Price list

Love is hard and sometimes can cost an arm and a leg. Luckily, the site doesn’t want your arm or leg, so the prices on Love Whirl aren’t very high. They are even reasonable, considering the result they can bring back.

There is no monthly payment system. You just buy credits when you want and how many you wish and then you spend them. The examples of prices are:

  1. $9.99 for 20 credits
  2. $149.99 for 750 credits

How can you use these credits?

  • for 2 credits you can spend a minute for chatting;
  • 10 credits cost your first letter;
  • 30 credit is the price for delivering letters.

Mobile application

There’s no version for Android or IOS. Meanwhile, the interface of LoverWhirl is greatly developed, and there’s a version for your mobiles. So, basically you can use this network both on your phone and computer.


The safety of the visitors and members is in the priority of LoverWhirl, and that’s why it carefully looks after the personal data and privacy of the members. It’s important that there is a guarantee that your personal information won’t be passed or stolen by any third face because there’s a strong system of protection.

One more thing is that you don’t have to worry about the payments. Norton and McAfee's certificates have done research about the reliability of the site and the results were that there are no viruses. The valid SSL certificate proves that all your credit card or PayPal details are encrypted and that nobody can steal your personal data. All your private data will never be hacked or disclosed. As you can see, talking about safety, LoverWhirl is a secure place.

Reviews of the users about the site

  • I had never understood people using online dating sites to find their love unless I signed up on LoverWhirl. After 1 month of being a member, I found an Asian woman of my dreams. Never had I been so happy. If you have any doubts about whether to register or not, I hope my example will help you. (Jordan, 39 y.o.)
  • The best thing about this social network is the services it gives. My favorite one is statistics which helps me to understand if my match is interested in me. I paid for the services and I have no regrets about it. Video chat is one of the most efficient ways to understand if I really like the person. I recommend this site. (Kaleb, 35 y.o.)
  • Really amazed by the amount of beautiful and ready for serious relationships women from Asia. I haven’t seen any site where such a concentration of amazing Asian ladies is ready for an open dialogue. (David, 46 y.o.)

Pros and Cons


Pleasant and understandable interface

Not stressful registration and easy to sign up

Filters to help your search of the soulmate be fast and resultative

Not very expensive services

Big range of free services

Free 20 credits for you after sign up

High security


There’s no application for mobile phones

You have to pay to be a member

What are the filters and why do I need them?

Filters are special features that will help you to find a woman of your interests after registration. They are an important obligation to fill in, otherwise, you will be lost in the millions of visitors that may not match you.

What is Automatic Top-Up system?

It’s a system on LoveWhirl that changes your status from simple visitor to a member of the site by paying for services. However, with the Automatic Top-Up system, you won’t care about paying for the credits each time because it will take the specific amount of money from your card to pay for credits.

What if i want to delete my account?

There’s a special procedure in terms of use. The site's guide will tell you how to delete your page step by step. If you have any questions, you can always ask the support team.

Are there only Asians?

The majority of women are Asians. However, there are some ladies from Russia, Europe, and the USA. But still, the percentage of them is quite small.

Can the users be underaged?

By the terms of use of LoverWhirl, it’s forbidden to sign up on the site if you are less than 18. If you do this, your account will be deleted immediately.


To conclude, LoverWhirl is a safe, comfortable, and full of useful tools site. The aim of the platform is to give a real chance to find your love from Asia. Everything is made to help you to reach your destiny. Good security, useful services, supporting system, and other benefits are given for you to enjoy your love path. For people with love as the main ideology of LoverWhirl, the site makes it so popular between users. Don't hesitate, but take your chance and try your best to find the ideal Asian lady for you right now.