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Score (884 votes)
Ukrainian Charm

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UkrainianCharm review

Looking for women from Eastern Europe? Then UkrainianCharm is a place that can offer you stability, high quality, and diversity of your online dating experience. Each month, over 120,000 users visit the site, almost half of which are mail order brides from Eastern Europe. Thousands of women for marriage are looking for a suitable partner from the United States or Canada. This site has a simple layout and interface, convenient communication tools, and a proper security system, which means that you can trust this platform in helping you find true love and happiness.

Score (884 votes)
Easy of Use: 88/10
Quality of Profiles: 94/10
Numbers of Members: 94/10
Customer Service: 92/10
Easy of Use
Quality of Profiles
Numbers of Members
Customer Service

Initial impression on the UkrainianCharm dating website

As we all know, first impression is important in defining your attitude towards something. When choosing a suitable dating website, we all initially look at the design and presentation of the organization. UkrainianCharm has an elegant and simple design that makes you feel welcome. There is a photo of a happy couple, which makes you think positively about your future experience on this platform.

The overall systematic approach is perfectly enjoyable. Every information piece has its structure and relation to the particular description block. It is pleasant to scroll through and read the data presented.

UkrainianCharm reassures you in its internationalism and shows that its business is indeed very real. You can see some faces of the website users on the main page. It provides a comfortable vibe that you are wanted here and will have a great time getting to know people. Knowing that there are men and women of different ages gives you a sense of involvement, no matter how old you are.


The website has its sense of humor while explaining itself. You will not think about UkrainianCharm as of a standard dating website. There are a lot of outstanding features you will have a pleasure to discover.

Like any other “legal and proud” organization, UkrainianCharm presents its safety certifications among numerous features you will have to eventually use. Besides, every aspect of the site is explained in accordance with the topic. The website is also easy to navigate, and it cannot but please.


How you can register on this premium dating platform?

Now when you are eager to try our luck in flirting and founding our soulmate, let’s see how the registration process looks like. The very first thing you see when you enter UkrainianCharm is a big registration section where you have to put some information about yourself:

  1. State whether you are a man or woman looking for another man or woman. This platform is suitable for anyone with different personal preferences.
  2. Reveal your name. Don’t worry if you made a mistake as you can change it at any moment after you’ve completed your profile.
  3. Enter your birthday with an actual year. UkrainianCharm will consider it when looking for matches for you and other users. You might be someone’s perfect pick!
  4. Provide your valid email address. After the registration, you will receive a letter with a confirmation link to follow through to ratify your persona.
  5. Make up a safe password which you will use for further entries on the website.
  6. Agree to “Terms and Conditions” and press the Register button.

Once you have passed these primary steps, you have to fill out a small questionnaire and choose the right things that speak about you: why you came to, what you are looking for in a partner, and some of your characteristics. You can skip this step; however, it is advised to fill it in eventually for a better profile outlook. To finalize, you will have to upload your nicest and most presentable photo so that Ukrainian ladies can really appreciate you.

Following these steps, you will fill out your profile and see how it looks. After the sign-up, you can adjust anything you want and add some personal photos and information.

How does search work on this platform?

UkrainianCharm understands the importance of a precise search, that’s why they have an extended search available for those who want to tailor their perfect match. You can choose and customize a few aspects in a preferred profile search:

  • Choose your partner’s location. Pick a country and city you want your match to live in. Note that it is also great for those who travel a lot as you can meet people during your holidays or on business trips.
  • Select your perfect match’s marital status. Also, mention your relation to children to prevent inconveniences in the future.
  • Choose religion and education preferences. You can choose someone with a doctorate and discover new knowledge.
  • Determine their age and habits. You may not like when your lady is smoking or drinking, then make sure you do not match with those women.
  • Tick an online box to see those people who are online at this exact moment. You can start a conversation in just a few seconds and find out it is the love of your life!

Like any normal searching engine, it might not find any match for you. It will only indicate that there are no ladies that meet your criteria at the present moment and like you in turn. Probably, you've made a mistake when filling in the search field. You may change a few aspects and filters to get a long list of single beauties.


Communication services presented on UkrainianCharm

When using UkrainianCharm site, you will have access to amazing communication services. It has some outstanding tools for better conversations and your own profit. Here is a list of what you can do on UkrainianCharm:

  • Live messaging. It is an instant chat where you talk to another person online and get responses immediately.
  • Mailing. You can send lengthy texts with an unlimited amount of words. Also, it is great for conversations with those who are not currently online as they will be able to read your text later.
  • Sending flowers and gifts. This will make any girl happy and make her like you 100 times more.
  • Sending winks. Wink at your new crushes and see if they like you by texting you first or winking back.

Ukrainian Charm mobile app

Sadly, this dating platform has not developed any mobile app for its users. Nonetheless, you can easily access the website from the browser on your mobile phone or tablet. This saves you much time and gives a great possibility to take your on-going conversations with you anywhere. No need to be attached to your computer or laptop all the time, isn't it amazing?

Free services

As been said before, UkrainianCharm is a premium dating website that provides benefits to its users. There are only a few free services you can account here. But do not lose hope as you will be able to make up your mind about the organization and fall in love with the idea of meeting your Ukrainian soulmate.

  1. Registration is completely free.
  2. You can browse the website and see what you will be able to use and explore in the future. See what tools are presented and what good they can do for you.
  3. You can review the list of users and find stunning women for your taste. Check their photos and read some information on their profiles.
  4. You can wink at anyone for free and receive response winks back.

However, this is where free services end and you have to pay for everything else.

VIP and Premium membership on UkrainianCharm

UkrainianCharm dating site does not have a choice of getting an exceptional membership. Instead of that, there is a credit system. There are various credit packages available to buy. Using them, you will be able to communicate and get some premium information from users’ profiles, including their personal photos and videos.

Now that you know that UkrainianCharm works with a credit system. Let’s see some prices and what you can do with those credits.

  • Talk in the instant chat for 2 credits per minute
  • Send your first mail for 10 credits, any following letter will cost 30 credits
  • Request a real-life meeting with your perfect match for 625 credits

Now, let’s see the available credit packages and their actual cost in $:

  • 20 credits for $9.99, $0,50 per credit
  • 25 credits for $28.99, $1.16 per credit
  • 50 credits for $64.99, $1.30 per credit
  • 250 credits for $99.99, $0.40 per credit
  • 750 credits for $214.99, $0.29 per credit

Prices according to all the services you may use are greatly reasonable and fair. It is visible that the bigger credit package you get, the cheaper the price per credit gets. This is a great benefit for active users on the site.

Pros and Cons of the Ukrainian


Quick registration

Amiable and professional online support

Vast Ukrainian audience

Bonus of 20 free credits

Scam and fraud not allowed


No premium membership

No mobile application

No video and audio chats

Online Support Team

Ukrainian Charm dating provides friendly and professional assistance to any of its members. There are two ways of reaching out to them: by calling them on their hotline or by sending them an email with your concern or doubt. You will receive an efficient response in a short time with a solution to your problem.

The phone number and email address can be found at the bottom of the page. Moreover, you can fill out a quick question request form on the right side of the website page.

Feedback from real users of UkrainianCharm

“I had not known a lot about Eastern Europe before I found this site. Right now, I chat with two beautiful girls from Ukraine, and any of them could become my future wife. This site is great, and I love using it.”

Dave, 55

“I have not seen any problems with finding a date online. UkrainianCharm is a place that has many beautiful women, and I am more than satisfied with the quality and diversity of brides here. Some girls prefer casual relationships, while others want to have meaningful and family-oriented communication. And that’s great!”

Steven, 43

“My online experience on this site has been decent. I have met plenty of gorgeous ladies. Most of them have good English, which is a dealbreaker for me. Fortunately, I have not faced any language barriers, and I enjoyed every single day I had.”

Mike, 37

Is UkrainianCharm free?

No, it works with a credit system and has some excellent offers on that matter.

Is safe?

The website works a lot to be scam- and fraud-free. Its moderation team monitors the activities of users checks their profiles and verifies their identities if needed.

Is UkrainianCharm international?

Yes, considering its vast base of Ukrainian users, the website is international and open for use from every country and for every nationality.

How can I register on UkrainianCharm?

You need to fill out some of your personal details in the registration box, complete a questionnaire, and be ready to browse the website.

How can I find Ukrainian ladies on UkrainianCharm?

When using an extended search, you should choose Ukraine in a Country field. You will receive a list of every lady registered on the website from there.

How do I keep my account safe on UkrainianCharm?

You should set a strong and long password that you can remember and do not share your login information with anyone.

How do I pay for the credits on UkrainianCharm?

You can pay with your Credit Card or through PayPal.

How do I delete my profile from UkrainianCharm?

You need to go to your Profile Settings and click on “Deactivate Profile” button.

How do I reach a UkrainianCharm Support Team?

You can send an email or give them a call on the phone.


According to Ukrainian charm review, it is a fantastic dating website that will definitely help those who are looking for a gorgeous Ukrainian lady of their heart. There are almost 15 thousand Ukrainian girls who are looking for their foreign men.

The website is strongly diligent and has an excellent reputation in the dating market. Their staff is amiable and strictly professional. The online support works like a Swiss watch.

Ukrainiancharm reviews of users show that the only one disadvantage is the absence of the mobile app; however, we believe they will develop one in the nearest future. But for now, you can freely access their website from any electronic device.

UkrainianCharm is a great choice among other similar websites because it has outstanding features up its sleeve and some great prospects for ultimate development.

Ukrainian Charm